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The classification and characteristics of differential pressure type flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-01

differential pressure flowmeter is according to the installation in pipe flow test to generate differential pressure, fluid known conditions and geometry size of test pieces and pipeline to calculate the flow meter. By a differential pressure type flowmeter device ( Detection) And the second device ( The differential transformation and flow display instrument) Composition. Usually in the form of test pieces classification of differential pressure flowmeter, such as orifice meter, venturi meter, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, etc. Secondary device for a variety of mechanical, electronic, mechanical and electrical one-piece differential pressure gauge, differential pressure transmitter and flow display instrument. It has developed into three ( The seriation, generalization and standardization) Degree is high, type specification of confused one kinds of instrument, it can measure flow parameters, and can measure other parameters ( Such as pressure, level, density, etc. ) 。 Differential pressure type flowmeter test according to the principle can be divided into: the throttle device, hydraulic resistance type, centrifugal, dynamic head type, type and fluidic dynamic pressure head gain a few broad categories. Test pieces and according to the degree of standardization is divided into two broad categories: standard and non-standard. The so-called standard test pieces is as long as according to the standard file design, manufacturing, installation and use, without the real flow calibration can determine the flow rate and the estimation error of measurement. Non standard test pieces is less mature degree, not yet on the international standard of test piece. Differential pressure type flowmeter flowmeter is a kind of the most widely used, its usage occupy first place in all kinds of flow meters. In recent years, due to various kinds of new type flowmeter, its usage percentage gradually decline, but it is still the most important kind of flow meter. The good: ( 1) Orifice plate flowmeter applied most firm structure, stable and reliable performance, long service life; ( 2) Broad application range, so far there is no any kind of flowmeter, which can be compared to; ( 3) Test pieces with transducer and display instrument respectively produced by different manufacturers, is advantageous for the economy of scale production. The bad: ( 1) Measurement accuracy is generally low; ( 2) Narrow range of degrees, generally only 3:1 ~ 4:1; ( 3) Site installation condition demand is high; ( 4) Loss of pressure big, Refers to the orifice, nozzle, etc. ) 。

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