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The benefits of steam flowmeter with temperature pressure compensation

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-12
The essence of temperature, pressure compensation, steam flowmeter & emsp;   Steam temperature and pressure changes, the density will change accordingly, that generates steam flowmeter measurement error. In order to reduce the error, can take temperature pressure compensation mode to reduce the measurement error. The so-called temperature compensation essence is measured the temperature of the steam pressure, pressure is not in conformity with the design adopts numerical, vapor density correction measures. Density correction measures as well as for human, also can use instrument and DCS, automatically. Second, understanding the characteristics of steam & emsp;   In steam flow measurement, when the steam pressure increases its density increases, the steam pressure P> P set will appear negative error, otherwise there will be a positive error. Temperature when its density is reduced, i. e. , the change of pressure and temperature of steam density is on the contrary, the influence of the phase change can also be complementary on the error. Three, temperature, pressure compensation will depart from actual production & emsp;   To comprehensively consider the temperature pressure compensation, such as: measurement requirements, flowmeter USES, factors such as temperature, pressure transmitter costs. For temperature measurement using must adopt voltage compensation measures, and the persons to be good, select the right experience formulas and the precision of form a complete set of temperature, pressure transmitter, and correct, reasonable and careful setup and calibration. To make a display of instrument, from the reality of production requirements, the compensation will be compensated, need not and cannot compensate occasions is not compensation. Adopt measures to compensate the compensation of the occasion is wrong, but the exaggerated effect of temperature, pressure compensation is also wrong. For the actual data of the steam flow (being tested Temperature and pressure) Formula and design parameters were similar, correction algorithms of density. Four, CT series steam flowmeter measurement error calculation difference & emsp;   Change when the actual working condition of temperature, pressure, steam density will deviate from the design value, namely the flow meter said values will produce error, the error can be calculated. A - - - - - Measuring instrument of full scale ( Some also known as the scale range) 。     On the discharge is defined as: & emsp;     M1 flow under actual working condition, & emsp;     M2 of traffic design conditions: M3 flow temperature and pressure compensation.     Calculation formula for error calculation, can see literature respectively are: delta M = M2 and M1 / M1 & emsp;   △M = M3-M1 / M1△M = M2-M1 / A      Delta M = M3 - M1 / A can be seen from the type, by using the formula of different slightly difference. Results will vary. Five, avoid the emergence of a new error & emsp;   With temperature compensation are used when the pressure transmitter, at this time should be considered: the influence of atmospheric pressure and static pressure liquid column, so as to avoid the emergence of a new error. Points above are as follows: & emsp;   The error due to atmospheric pressure, as a result of the empirical formula of temperature, pressure compensation, this parameter juedui contains steam pressure, and the general practice is to use pressure transmitter, the detected pressure steam tables and the local atmospheric pressure to represent juedui pressure, so the mathematical model is set up, should be calculated according to the local atmospheric pressure, without justification with approximately equal instead of atmospheric pressure, especially in high altitude area and low steam pressure that should attract attention. If choose juedui pressure transmitter will not produce the effect.
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