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The application scope of V cone flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-13
Scope of application:

V cone flowmeter V cone flowmeter can measure the liquid, gas and steam. Fluid conditions can be from deep low temperature to a supercritical state, the highest working temperature of 700 ℃, the maximum pressure to 40 mpa, if around the use of special material, temperature, pressure can also be higher. To measure the Reynolds number is 5 million, minimum Reynolds number is 8000 or lower. To produce the full scale of the differential signal, from the lowest less than 0. 1 kPa to highest dozens of kPa. Suitable for application in the following situations: ( 1) Small and medium diameter gas; ( 2) Smudgy medium; ( 3) Lack of straight pipe occasions; ( 4) For requiring higher precision.

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