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The application of wedge meter scale in metallurgical enterprises

by:Sincerity     2021-01-31
Abstract: the wedge meter scale application in metallurgical enterprise information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Wedge flowmeter is a differential pressure type flowmeter, after using this product in the measurement of the chemical enterprise of high viscosity fluid effect is satisfactory. One of America's sewage treatment plant in 1987 ~ 1988, a total of installing 15 wedge sewage flow meter measurement, parameter meter run. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a wedge meter scale application in metallurgical enterprise the article details. Wedge flowmeter is a differential pressure type flowmeter, after using this product in the measurement of the chemical enterprise of high viscosity fluid effect is satisfactory. One of America's sewage treatment plant in 1987 ~ 1988, a total of 15 installation platform wedge sewage flow meter measurement, parameter meter running normally. According to foreign reports, a diameter of 76. 2 mm wedge of flowmeter, the measured liquid containing 19% ~ 23% solid, viscosity of 680 mpa & middot; S, the Reynolds number is only 12 ~ 17, in this running conditions, measurement accuracy reached & plusmn; You never even 2%, the other the throttle device. Dushanzi petrochemical general factory is in China, propane deasphalting, ketone benzene distillation residue oil putting wax device used on raw material flow detection of target flowmeter using orifice plate, electric effect has been poor, with wedge flowmeter measurement, the effect is very good.  measurement principle of wedge type flowmeter is based on Bernoulli equation, the use of fluid in the flow process comply with the law of conservation of energy, namely the sum of kinetic and static pressure constant, throttling to flow through the function of segmental wedge block is the principle of differential pressure and flow measurement. Wedge orifice plate flow by two pieces of tablet ( General stainless steel) Made of these two pieces of tablet on the critical Angle welded together, and then insert groove, differential pressure out pipe in wedge center equidistance place on both sides. When the fluid flows through the v-shaped throttling block, reduce circulation area, velocity increases, the static pressure is reduced, resulting in a static pressure difference. Due to the square root of the pressure difference is proportional to the flow, measured pressure difference of the pipeline flow can be obtained. The structure and basic characteristics of  1. Wedge basic structural wedge flowmeter of the flow meter simple structure, its structure, See figure 2) Between segmental orifice, nozzle and 1/4 round hole plate, in both the above several forms the virtues of flowmeter, has both good adaptability. 2. The main features, 1) More smudgy easily through the fluid, dirt not easily adhesion and deposition, improve the accuracy of the measurement, extended the use of maintenance cycle, suitable for a variety of medium such as metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection measure. ( 2) Improved the sharp degree of orifice entrance requirements, improve the measurement accuracy. ( 3) Suitable for high viscosity medium, wide application. ( 4) Range than wide, usually can reach more than 10:1. Measurement accuracy is higher, can reach & plusmn; ( 0. 5 to 1) % FS。 ( 5) Loss of pressure is smaller than orifice wedge orifice plate, Angle of 60 commonly & deg; ~ 90度; 。 If the Angle of 0 & deg; , namely become segmental orifice. The smaller the Angle, the static pressure difference, the greater the loss of pressure also increases accordingly. Because the wedge orifice were inverted triangle, this shape has guide effect, fluid flows can smooth transition. Compared with the orifice plate, pressure loss of the wedge orifice produces a smaller. For the wedge orifice and pressure loss produced by the orifice plate. ( 6) Wedge orifice plate possesses the advantages of segmental orifice plate when the fluid contains impurities or solid, easy to flow from the lower part of wedge orifice, not deposit around the orifice plate, namely the wedge orifice has self-cleaning effect. ( 7) Suitable for low Reynolds number RD flow measurement standard orifice, venturi tube should not be measured under low Reynolds number. Standard orifice discharge coefficient is usually tends to be stable when Reynolds number more than 4000, in a low Reynolds number, the flow coefficient will change along with the change of Reynolds number. When the Reynolds number is less than 1800, the flow and the square root of will deviate from the basic relation between differential pressure, it will be a big influence on measurement accuracy. And wedge is orifice throttling element, v-shaped flow coefficient linear good, with the curve of the nozzle inlet fluid, the characteristics of viscous flow area, Reynolds number effect on its small. When the Reynolds number as small as 500, wedge the accuracy of flow meter and flow coefficient changed little; Reynolds number between 400 and 10000 for the flow measurement, the error is less than & plusmn; 3%, wedge orifice Reynolds number and the curve of the flow coefficient. ( 8) Install easy to use compared with the orifice, wedge with flange can be connected to the process piping on both ends of the flowmeter, easy installation, small amount of daily maintenance, operating costs are relatively cheap.  wedge of the application of wedge flowmeter flowmeter range than wide, suitable scope of Reynolds number between 300 ~ 106, and is especially suitable for high viscosity fluid measurement, such as chemical plant all kinds of high viscosity fluid and sewage; A dirty gas, such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas measurement; Also can be steam, natural gas and other gas measurement. Practical application example is as follows: ( 1) For sintering plant at the beginning of the industrial naphthalene tower circulation flow rate, fine tower circulation, initial raw materials, pure raw materials, a tower, tower 2 measure tar, used to adopt the target flowmeter, use effect is poor.
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