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The application and principle of thermal gas mass flow meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-06
Thermal flowmeter sensor consists of two sensors, a speed sensor and a temperature sensor. They automatically compensation and calibration gas temperature change. Electric heating part of the instrument temperature heat the speed sensor to the above conditions of a fixed value, the speed sensor and temperature sensor measurement conditions formed between constant temperature difference. When kept at constant temperature, electric heating energy, or heat dissipation, proportional to the mass of the gas flow through the flow.

thermal type gas Mass flowmeter is Mass Flow Meter ( Abbreviation for MFM) , it is new type of instrument in the gas flow measurement, different from other don't need to correct the pressure and temperature, gas flowmeter, direct measurement of gas mass flow rate, a sensor can range from low to high range. It is suitable for single and fixed proportion multicomponent gas measurement.

thermal type gas mass flowmeter is used to measure and control the gas mass flow rate of the new instrument. Can be used for petroleum, chemical, steel, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, medicine, environmental protection and other industrial departments of air, hydrocarbon gas, combustible gas, flue gas monitoring.

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