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The advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-23
The advantages of ultrasonic flowmeter:

1) As a non-contact measurement;

( 2) For no flow block measurement, no pressure loss;

( 3) To measuring the conductivity of liquid, no block measuring electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of supplement.

ultrasonic flowmeter drawback:

1) Travel time method can only be used for cleaning liquid and gas, and doppler method can only be used for measuring liquid containing a certain amount of suspended particles and bubbles.

( 2) Doppler method measuring accuracy is not high.

ultrasonic flowmeter product features:

1) Unique signal digital processing technology, the instrument measuring signal is more stable, strong anti-jamming capability, measurement more accurate.

( 2) No mechanical transmission parts is not easy to damage, maintenance free, long service life.

( 3) Circuit more optimization, high integration, low power consumption, high reliability.

( 4) Intelligent standard signal output, friendly interface, a variety of secondary signal output.

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