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Temperature instrument installation specification

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-19

1) Installed, bimetallic thermometer, mercury thermometer, the disk to facilitate observation, straight type level of mercury thermometer can't install. 2) , installed on the process piping of temperature measuring element should be with the pipe center vertical or inclined 45 & deg; , insert depth should be greater than 250 mm or at a center line, insert the appropriate direction and reverse or vertical measured medium. Nominal pipe diameter less than 80 mm can be installed in the elbow or expansion of tube. 3) , the temperature of the thermometer on the surface and the measured surface to close contact, stable fixation. 4) Temperature, pressure type thermometer to make package all immersed in the measured medium, capillary to laying within the Angle steel and channel steel, the bending radius should not less than 50 mm, there should be no mechanical vibration, temperature changes and should not be too large, such as heat insulation measures should be taken when the inevitable. 5) , installation containing solid particles in the medium temperature measuring element, protection measures should be taken to prevent wear and tear. 6) And temperature measuring element with a connection thread should match the temperature measuring element. When the temperature measuring components installed horizontally and insertion depth is longer or in high temperature equipment should be bending prevention measures.

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