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Technical requirements for measuring natural gas by precession vortex flowmeter

by:Sincerity     2022-06-13
Technical requirements for measuring natural gas by precession vortex flowmeter 1. Requirements for gas flow conditions (1) The gas to be measured should be a single-phase, circular tube flow that continuously flows through the pipeline. (2) Before the gas flows through the flowmeter, its flow velocity must be parallel to the axis of the pipeline, and there must be no vortex flow. (3) The airflow should be subsonic and non-pulsating, and its flow rate changes slowly with time. 2. Installation requirements for flow meters This kind of instrument does not have too many special requirements for process installation and use environment, but any type of flow measurement instrument has such a commonality, that is, to avoid vibration and high temperature environment as far as possible. Interfering components (such as compressors, separators, pressure regulating valves, large and small heads, manifolds, elbows, etc.), keep the inner wall of the straight pipe section before and after the instrument smooth and straight, and ensure that the measured medium is a clean single-phase fluid, etc. 3. Matters needing attention in the installation and use of the flowmeter The precession vortex flowmeter has no mechanical moving parts, is small in size, has corrosion resistance, and has stable performance; it can directly display the working pressure, temperature, flow rate of the medium and the gas volume in the standard state; range With the advantages of wide range and small measurement error, it has been widely used in the production measurement of oil and gas wells and the sales measurement of natural gas. In field applications over the years, we believe that this flowmeter is most suitable for relatively clean dry gas measurement, and has gradually become the first choice for small and medium gas measurement. In order to ensure the accurate measurement of the precession vortex flowmeter and reduce the measurement error, please pay attention: (1) If the model selection is reasonable, do not make the actual minimum flow rate QVmin lower than the lower limit of the flow range of the selected diameter flowmeter. (2) There should be at least a 10D length of straight metering pipe upstream of the correct flowmeter. The inner wall of the straight pipe section should be smooth, and there should be no steps. The welding seam of the connecting flange should be smoothed, and the flange gasket should not protrude into the pipeline. The installation direction of the flowmeter cannot be reversed. Tests have proved that all unreasonable installations will result in a low flow meter measurement value. (3) Keep away from the vibration source, or install piers upstream and downstream of the flowmeter to avoid the influence of pipeline vibration. Avoid the interference of the strong magnetic field to the flowmeter chip. (4) The gas is relatively clean, especially the liquid-gas two-phase flow cannot occur; when the gas is dirty, the flowmeter should be cleaned immediately. (5) To reduce the influence of airflow pulsation, a buffer tank can be installed in front of the flowmeter, or the length of the straight pipe section upstream of the flowmeter can be lengthened. (6) Carry out measurement and verification of the flowmeter in time to ensure the accurate and reliable measurement value.
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