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Technical characteristics of zibo power distribution automation system

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-10
Abstract: the technical characteristics of zibo power distribution automation system information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Introduction of the concept of power distribution automation is put forward by western developed countries in the 1970 s, is now in Japan, Europe and the United States has been fully developed. Pilot implementation in recent years, our country also have a lot of work, and on this basis established the distribution system automation. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the technical characteristics of zibo power distribution automation system the article details. Introduction of the concept of power distribution automation is put forward by western developed countries in the 1970 s, is now in Japan, Europe and the United States has been fully developed. Pilot implementation in recent years, our country also have a lot of work, and on the basis of the established guidelines for design of distribution system automation. Distribution automation system ( DAS) In the longitudinal structure belongs to the power distribution management system ( DMS) , transverse and dispatching automation, electric power MIS is closely related to, such as the implementation of it, the technology level of the whole distribution network and improve the management level of all-round, the whole process, is the foundation of realize significant economic benefits. Changes in the economic and market development of zibo power, on the basis of established a user-oriented and adapt to the economic development level of distribution automation system. 1 all quick break fault isolation and restore power feeder automation is the core of power distribution automation. Fault handling of feeder automation of zibo power depends on the feeder on multiple FTU and substation, power distribution automation master station, open and close, the above several parts as an integral whole to solve the problem of fault isolation. Feeder fault of three-phase short-circuit and interphase short circuit and single-line breakdown need to quickly isolate fault handling. The column load switch on the downstream side ( Power flow side) Fault and break period of interphase, grounding fault, the fault information provided according to the column switch FTU, voltage, three phase fault current value and position. Open and close the load switch and circuit breaker downstream interphase short circuit fault, bolt failure, according to the opening and closing phase or two phase fault FTU provided by current value and position. When the equipment on the pillars are running, according to the load switch method start fault location by the following methods: (1) export power feeder switch reclosing overlap is not successful to start signal ( The neutral point grounding system line-to-line fault) ; (2) installed in the substation of single-phase grounding detection device to start signal ( The neutral point grounding system of single-phase grounding fault) Signal, and use within the substation grounding line selection device, as an aid in the judgment of fault location information; (3) when without the start signal, with normal feeder FTU query ( 轮询) Start cycle fault information received; (4) failure period is determined, will automatically be sent ( Or Suggestions) Fault on either side of the load switch tripping commands, isolate the fault section, if the fault section is protected by circuit breaker resection, the fault does not necessarily occur in the downstream side of the circuit breaker are wired segment ( Selectivity of protection is not easy to do) , subject to position the judge find isolation failure after switch. Fault isolation, fault segment upstream side sound segment, closing by export switch power; Fault section downstream sound section, choose to restore power, will consider the possibility of a fall by more than one path, fewer according to operating, line but the principle of load, the lower the terminal voltage is not limit, to restore power scheme is put forward. All quick break the realization of the function of fault isolation and restore power, make originally all power lines, to achieve the power line. H, produce the remarkable economic benefits, reduce the user failure outage time, improve the power supply reliability. 2 use automation equipment accurate test on the pillars of the small current grounding system ground fault distribution network in China is the vast majority of the small current grounding system, when the single-phase grounding fault occurs, procedures allow to continue running 2 h, practice may be caused by the over voltage cable explosion, such as voltage transformer burn accident. Quickly determine the grounding position, therefore, is of great significance to safe operation of the feeder system. As a result of the need of FTU measuring function, the line on each switch three phase current, three-phase voltage can be conveniently, which makes the selection of electrical characteristics no longer depend on the zero sequence current; FTU has high measurement precision, is advantageous in feature extraction; Distribution automation communication system makes a new generation of small current grounding protection can obtain any FTU place characteristic, to make a comprehensive comparison; Zui through comprehensive analysis of the distribution automation master station after each FTU fault characteristics, determine the fault line and fault section. Of zibo power with its cooperation with Australia to produce RL27 series column load switch and FTU communication control box, implements the automatic detection of ground fault alarm function. After many simulations, alarm accuracy reached 100%; Fault detection time is about 17 s. System to determine the principle of small current grounding system are as follows. As shown in figure 1, 6 switch for line section switch. When between 3 and 4 switches have earthing occurs, the no. 1 ~ 3 switch on by the whole busbar system for capacitive current, expressed in I1; And no. 4, 5, switch on the l ~ 3 switch between lines of capacitive current, with I2 said. Because I1 & gt;> I2, therefore, can judge the pick up location.
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