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Straight section of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-30

verification requirements

> sure according to the requirement of the flowmeter using manual meter on the straight pipe, the downstream side of length;

provision of the specification, and should be installed in the upstream disturbance from any parts of at least 10 dn and disturbance components of at least 5 dn from downstream straight pipe;

when the length of straight pipe upstream is insufficient, can install flow regulator, the straight pipe length shall be reached after installation specifications flow regulator. The correlative standards

DN1000mm and below: straight pipe upstream of not less than 10 dn, downstream straight pipe not less than 2 dn,

DN1000mm above: as stipulated in the factory.

recommended back pressure as the highest test temperature with verification liquid saturation vapour pressure of 1. 25 times.

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