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Steam flow meter scale coefficient of correction

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-09
Abstract: the scale coefficient of steam flowmeter calibration information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Steam flowmeter coefficient correction: put forward the integrated intelligent vortex steam flowmeter are two wire on the instrument coefficient of nonlinear correction method. Introduced its structure, calibration and correction strategy, can effectively improve the precision of the instrument. Its operation. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, is scale coefficient of steam flowmeter calibration article details below. Steam flowmeter coefficient correction: put forward the integrated intelligent vortex steam flowmeter are two wire on the instrument coefficient of nonlinear correction method. Introduced its structure, calibration and correction strategy, can effectively improve the precision of the instrument. It has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient debugging and universal. Keywords instrument nonlinear correction coefficient of steam flowmeter intelligent transmitter vortex flowmeter 0 introduction vortex flow meter because of its simple structure, stable performance, small pressure loss. Span a wide range of features is widely used in liquid measure. Its principle is that when the vortex in the liquid through a pipeline to body, generated by the vortex vibration frequency is proportional to the velocity. In steam flowmeter, vortex street with piezoelectric crystals or differential capacitance sensors, to detect the weak vibration signal amplifying, filtering, driving, output the frequency is proportional to the instantaneous volume flow of the pulse signal, the whole circuit is made, printed circuit board, commonly known as the amplifier board. The transmitter is suitable for the decentralized mode, each transducer with 1 flow integrating instrument based on frequency detection. In recent years, many enterprises have gradually adopt instrument distribution management mode, this requires multiple measurements of traffic signal into 4-20 ma, then sent to the computer centralized approaches and management, therefore, appeared two wire 4-20 ma steam flowmeter, vortex street is it behind the original amplifier board even a conversion board, switch board by the f/V and V/I circuit, the output frequency of the signal into the original amplifier board 4-20 ma output. ”> Instrument coefficient of nonlinear influence of sensor output signal nonlinear vortex street was restricted steam flowmeter zui to improve the precision of important factor that cause various nonlinear flow range table coefficient K is not constant. Instrument coefficient is defined as per cubic meter of flow and stroke. Non-linear error is defined as a transmitter ( Kmax-Kmin) / ( Kmax + Kmin) × 100%. Usually, the accuracy of the output pulse constant frequency signal transmitter nominal only level 1 to 2. For the current output in the vortex transducer, because of the addition of f/V link in circuit, f/V converting circuit based on RC charge and discharge, although there is a higher resolution, but can't satisfy the linear and the stability of the high precision conversion requirement. 2 correction mechanism and effect of extract 1 weihai cyber instrumentation company's f500mm capacitance vortex flow meter as an example, its transmitter test data listed in each flow point measured three times, take the average. Can be seen from the data in table 1, the basic error of the machine table zui was 0. 82, can only be as a level 1. Ideas, such as 5 meter constant can be according to the corresponding point of error correction, to increases the precision of instrument. It should be noted that: the improvement of instrument accuracy grade is based on the verification of repetitive error smaller, and has good repeatability is the characteristics of vortex flowmeter. If, on the other hand, poor repeatability, nonlinear correction also loses its meaning, the effect of the nonlinear correction restricted by repetitive error. High above the table of repetitive error zui to 0. Accuracy of 266%, through nonlinear correction, is expected to reach zero. Level 5. There are many influence factors in linear, possibly from testing parts of material, structure, process and the quality of the amplifying circuit and so on many aspects, including the intelligent transmitter itself, signal transformation and integration of correction is a shortcut to improve its accuracy. 3 intelligent two-wire system 4-20 ma vortex street 3 steam flowmeter. ”> Structure diagram presided over the author designed two wire 4-20 ma vortex steam flowmeter structure diagram is shown in figure 1. Figure 1 4-20 ma two wire vortex structure block diagram of the original amplifier board steam flowmeter circuit structure basically remain unchanged, only slightly improved, power consumption on the basis of the conversion board, 2 pieces of circular plate fixed to the transmitter on both sides of the cylindrical metal shell, the signal is connected to the power cord with connector. The general two wire, all components, including amplification board, adopting micro power consumption, to meet the requirements of zero current is less than 4 ma.
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