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Steam flow meter scale accuracy requirement

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-10
Abstract: steam flow meter scale accuracy requirement information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. In the flowmeter coefficient of verification and using often lead to errors in some factors, affect the accuracy of the measurement. We have done a lot of work in this area to solve this problem. But still need you in this respect has certain understanding. And the following. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, below is the steam flow meter scale accuracy article details. In the flowmeter coefficient test and use often lead to errors in some factors, affect the accuracy of the measurement. We have done a lot of work in this area to solve this problem. But still need you in this respect has certain understanding. The following is the precision accuracy of steam flowmeter is affected. 1, the coefficient of the instrument itself. The precision of the instrument is determined by the coefficient of itself, once the instrument coefficient of zui value of the selected for a production environment, the precision of the instrument is determined. 2, zui gas meter pressure range suitable for value. Field of gas transmission pipeline gas pressure is fluctuating pressure, fluctuating pressure measurement, normal to the appropriate gas for gas meter range of 1/3 ~ 1/2, therefore, in the process of natural gas measurement, need to adjust to gas valve switch size, make it meet the condition. 3, gas meter calibration process used in the medium to the actual situation on site. In the process of gas meter calibration medium is used in the air, it is provided by the compressor, while compressor can provide instantaneous change of airflow, but first, due to the density and the expansion coefficient of air and gas are different, the precession vortex caused by the pressure of the gas meter probe pressure effect is also different, so will cause some error; Second check the variable pressure, medium pressure fan to provide strong randomicity variable flow air as the air change, also can make the gas meter after checking accuracy is lower in field application. Measures to boost the precision of the steam flowmeter, oil field gas industry measurement equipment is mainly used in vortex flowmeter, only in the appropriate work environment can exert its advantages, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of measuring. The steam flow meter is different, the following analysis of steam flowmeter how to improve the accuracy of measurement. 1, the gas meter straight pipe line entrance too narrow. Found in part of the transfer station, some gas table entry is straight section carefully, straight pipe diameter is less than the gas meter body cavity diameter, the installation method itself does not conform to the gas meter installation requirements. In addition, in this situation, when produce gas station too much, even if the full opening gas valve, gas is still not fine section row in time go, cause gas meter inlet pipeline internal pressure increase gradually, the tank pressure to achieve safe, in order to avoid tank pressure-out, had to open the by-pass pipe again, bypass without measuring equipment, transit caused by gas measuring value is lower than the actual value, also make each outside gas station total quantity and total transmission values are not consistent. 2, temperature effects and solutions. Gas meter working environment limit temperature conditions, the temperature condition is in - 20 ~ 55 ℃ scope, can only guarantee within the scope of this work. Once the environment temperature is not suitable for, especially in winter, in the absence of heat preservation measures, the gas meter work under low temperature condition, affect the measurement accuracy, and also to four pieces of damage inside the gas meter. Moreover, when the temperature of the gas pipeline and gas below - 20 ℃, lower than the temperature, the influence the accurate measurement of gas meter. Winter often taken in the gas meter line next to add one line measures of heating in winter, and its piping bag in the same thermal insulation layer, the engineering cost is not high, construction is convenient. 3, back to lose steam flowmeter dry gas from gas consumption measurement. In the dry gas consumption, dry gas automatic regulator station is equipped with a return to lose, each station is equipped with pneumatic control valve, through the observation, found that after operation of pneumatic control valve stations effect is not ideal, affecting the normal gas metering return lost dry gas. The main reason is due to the delivery to the terminal of dry gas pressure fluctuation occurs, the station electric regulator also has carried on the corresponding adjustment, make a multipoint pressure interfere with each other, influence the normal gas; Air pressure is too low, sometimes go to close the regulator by-pass pipe, so that normal supply, which makes some dry gas measurement is not accurate. Recommended temporary outage regulator, make dry gas in a multipoint go directly to the gas meter. 4, medium oil pipe line, the effect of water vapor and solution. Frequently in the scene can release a large amount of water and oil mixture from the vent valve, thus known oil gas contains large amounts of water and steam, and the moisture in the process of pipeline pressure loss than dry gas, gas meter measurement under the standard conditions, gas flow rate is according to the pressure, volume, temperature between gas volume equation by conversion from standard conditions.
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