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Steam flow meter scale accuracy improvement can begin from these points

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-10
Abstract: the increase of steam flow meter scale accuracy can begin from this information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Steam flowmeter has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, but the measuring accuracy of steam has been the difficulty in the measurement. At present in many users there are a lot of use error, think brand ring, steam flowmeter can ensure high quality. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, the following is the improvement of steam flow meter scale accuracy can begin from this article for details. Steam flowmeter has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, but the measuring accuracy of steam has been the difficulty in the measurement. At present in many users there are a lot of use error, think the brand, high quality of the steam flowmeter was able to ensure the accuracy of measurement, it is rather one-sided idea, it will ignore the real kick dependence condition would increase the cost of business accounting. Actually the steam flow measurement is affected by many factors. Effective measures to improve the accuracy of the steam flowmeter series: suitable for the application of steam flowmeter are: steam flowmeter, orifice flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, Including the by-pass flow meter) , change and product flow meter, plays great load and volume flowmeter, the direct online ( DIVA) Change the product flow meter, pitot tube flowmeter and vortex flow meter. Orifice meter has simple structure, high precision, low into the wood, the advantages of wide application so. Steam flowmeter by using standard throttle device measuring flow must be strictly according to SY/T6143 & ndash; Technical indicators of 2004 standard, the standard orifice throttling with professional design, manufacture, testing, installation and use. Orifice of the right Angle edge for a long time scour by the medium will be wear and tear, especially medium wear with impurity is more serious, it will affect the accuracy of orifice flowmeter, W this should regularly for orifice is flaring Angle portal edge top degrees and measure the test tube inner surface roughness. one Length of straight pipe before and after the orifice of the prerequisite of correct selection is to ensure that the steam flow meter accuracy, it needs to consider state of medium type, medium, medium temperature, pipe size, installation way and the output signal. Once the chosen type, when installation should pay special attention to in the upstream and downstream of the orifice meter straight pipe, it can make the flow id meter mountain into the medium flow pattern without interference of u. Site to determine the throttling of straight pipe upstream side length requirement ', should be three side and consider, first consider the throttle choke upstream side parts and throttling a straight pipe is ke meets the requirements; Next consider the throttle choke upstream side parts and the second choke a straight distance between meets the requirements; After considering the second choke above each choke parts and straight section between orifice is apricot meets the requirements. To determine steam flowmeter throttle a downstream straight pipe length, only consider the throttling a downstream choke with throttling parts of straight pipe is in line with the requirements. When the length of the straight pipe additional uncertainty value less than zero, and equal or zero. 5% additional uncertainty, deal with the throttle device of uncertainty of measurement arithmetic additive 0. 5%. two Straight pipe of the surface roughness of orifice, standard Suo mouth, length to diameter of straight pipe nozzle, venturi nozzle surface roughness refers to the upstream throttling a 10 d within the scope of regulations on roughness. Within the upstream pipe orifice of steam flowmeter table and ammonites of roughness should meet the requirements. Classic venturi tube at least equal to the length of the 2 d range, upstream upstream pipe buckle for roughness Ra/D< = 3. 2 * 10 - 4. 3. Pipe roundness of steam flow meter range of short straight pipe length required, must be round pipe transverse. Straight pipe can be seamed steel tube, but internal weld parallel to the axis of the tube, and meet all the throttling pieces of the special requirements of the pipes. The steps of the weld height is not more than allowed. Weld shall not be located in the center of the take any single pressure for 30 & deg; Within the sector. Using orifice plate may be substituted with the penetration and constant value throttling penetration can be installed in the orifice throttling device is a new type of throttling with qualitative, throttling components accurately installed inside the fixed seat ( Body through flange and pipe connection) , don't open a pipe or stop under the condition of fluid conveying, easily ascend orifice, inspect, 淸 wash or change, thus ensuring the huai accuracy of amount of juice. Steam flow meter adopts hydraulic lifting device, orifice light, especially suitable for large diameter orifice. Also equipped with this kind of negative flow W 淸 wash room and wash 淸 institutions, in order to solve the dirt medium, especially for the accurate measurement of steam provides an effective means. Fixed value throttling outfit changes the existing throttling of qualitative processing its aperture method, according to the results of the calculation of their size measuring pipe with a limited number of throttling, aperture series according to the priority number system is chosen, with each size 35 different aperture ratio ( 3 values of orifice plate.
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