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Spring Festival starts metal pipe flow meter scale of repair work

by:Sincerity     2021-01-31
Abstract: the New Year starts metal pipe flow meter scale repair work matters needing attention of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Monkey send blessing to be joyful, vientiane update, in the firecrackers happy lunar New Year holidays passed quickly, today on the eighth day many companies are already opened and started, here we changzhou LiangBang instrument co. , LTD. , for the vast number of old and new customers. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the New Year starts metal pipe flow meter scale of repair work note article details. Monkey send blessing to be joyful, vientiane update, in the firecrackers happy lunar New Year holidays passed quickly, today on the eighth day many companies are already opened and started, our city here LiangBang instrumentation to the broad masses of old and new customers happy New Year, I wish you all in the New Year work smoothly, good health and all the best and a happy family, bonanza, opening prosperous New Year. During the New Year starts, many enterprises need to use our after work flow meter, a plenty of direct use, have a plenty of form a complete set of equipment used above, among others. Also has a lot of enterprise is also in the use of flowmeter, during the Spring Festival is the so-called is Sue people endlessly machine. So today we'll talk about our metal flow meter in the maintenance after the Spring Festival for use and maintenance. We will come to actual would face failure in detail: a, site type metal pipe flow meter pointer jitter: 1. Slight pointer jitter: generally caused by fluctuations in medium. Can be used to increase the damping ways to overcome. 2. Moderate pointer jitter: generally caused by medium flow state. Is often caused by unstable operating pressure of medium for gas. Can use voltage or current regulator devices to overcome or increase the gas flow meter damping. 3. Due to severe pointer jitter: medium pulse, pressure instability or users are given the gas pressure, temperature and flow of the operating state does not accord with the actual state of float flowmeter, a bigger difference caused by flow meter range. Second, the cursor to a position still appear this kind of circumstance is the main reason of the flow meter of the float. General because float flowmeter open valve when using too fast, the float fast upward shock stop, stop deformation caused will float. But does not rule out due to float guide bar with different heart, stop ring float jammed. Processing instrument can be removed, the deformation of plastic surgery to stop off, and check whether with guide bar work, such as different heart can be calibrated, then float installed, push float, feeling float up and down unimpeded card can, in addition, the flow meter must be vertical or horizontal installation, when installation cannot tilt, otherwise easy to cause the card table, and also brings to the measurement error. Still have a kind of situation is possible during the Spring Festival has been unused flowmeter, pointer internal magnetic steel and metal pipe float flowmeter appear rupture, if appear this kind of situation should be timely to manufacturer to replace the magnetic steel. Tube flow meter with LCD display is easy to appear problem: one, no current output 1. First of all see the wiring is correct. 2. Liquid crystal display, if have showed no output, more for the output pipe bad, need to change the circuit board. 3. Loss of calibration values. Due to E2PROM chips was introduced, the instrument calibration data loss, can also cause no output current, current will remain the same. Solution: the available data recovery operations, if don't work, can set password data in 2000, the first to set the password data in 4011, the calibration method is to use push pointer from the RP to 100% of the data. Second, the scene shows 1. Check the wiring is correct. 2. Check whether the power supply is correct. 3. Reinstall the LCD module, check the contact. 4. Check for multiple wire power supply 12, 13 terminals will answer the ammeter or short circuit. Three, the LCD display 0 or full scale 1. Set the range and the parameters of the zero check 2000 passwords. Requires ZERO less than the value of the SPAN, the two values cannot be equal. 2. Check whether the sampling data, push the pointer to see samples values change with the hand, without change, generally for sampling circuit fault circuit board, need to change the circuit board. Four, 1 with alarm switch alarm is not correct. Check the deviation set d value can't be too big. 2. FUN function, logic function is correct. HA- A for ceiling is logical. LA- A for the lower limit is logical. 3. Check alarm value set size in the SU. 4. If the liquid crystal bar code instructions right, output no action, can check whether the external power supply and external power of the cathode is connected to the instrument power supply of the cathode. 5. Circuit board fault, replace the circuit board. Five, the cumulative pulse output is not correct. Check if the alarm value all the way choose cumulative pulse output is set to zero. 2. Circuit board fault, replace the circuit board. Zui after we hope our customers after the construction work is smooth, don't appear afore-mentioned problems is zui flowmeter good, if use problems, also can timely after-sales technical personnel with us, we will in time to help you solve the problem. Buy flowmeter, level gauge, please choose the big brand - , guaranteed product quality, has many years of rich production experience, with professional after-sale technical service team. Allows you to buy the rest assured with comfort. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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