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Share the ultrasonic flowmeter selection

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-09

1。 Doppler type ultrasonic flowmeter moderate reflected ultrasonic signals are used to measure with particles or bubbles in the fluid, such as fluid of factory emissions, untreated sewage, magazine content and stable factory process fluid, etc. Attention should be paid to the medium to be measured, it is quite harsh requirements, namely cannot be clean water, acrobatics levels were relatively stable at the same time, can the normal measurement, instrument performance and different manufacturers and requirements are not the same as the manufacturer to be measured. Choose this kind of ultrasonic flowmeter is the medium to be measured to know fairly well, also want to choose the performance, the precision of the ultrasonic flowmeter and requirements for the medium to be measured.

2。 Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is suitable for the temporary measure, it is mainly used for proofreading other flow meter installed in the pipeline running state, with an area of fluid balance test, check the pipe at the time of flow conditions, etc. If not for fixed installation, and used for these purposes, use the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is convenient and economic.

3。 Time difference ultrasonic flowmeter at present, the most widely application scope is most time difference ultrasonic flowmeter. It is mainly used to measure the clean fluid flow, in the field of water company and industrial water, is widely used. And it also can measure acrobatics content is not high, Impurity content is less than 10 g/L, size is less than 1 mm) Uniform fluid, such as sewage and other medium flow, and the precision can reach & plusmn; 1. 5%. Actual application shows that chooses time difference ultrasonic flowmeter, the measurement of the corresponding fluid can achieve satisfactory results.

4。 Pipeline the highest accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter, can achieve & plusmn; 0. 5%, and not be restricted by piping material, lining, suitable for the flow measurement precision demanding occasions. But with the increase of pipe diameter, the cost will also increase, under normal circumstances, and the use of small diameter pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter, the more the economy.

5。 Wall-mounted ultrasonic flowmeter installation of if there is enough space, using plug-in transducer instead of transducer is stuck outside, eliminate the pipe line, scaling, and wall of ultrasonic attenuation, the effects of measuring stability is higher, also greatly reduces the maintenance workload. And, as a result of plug-in installation, the transducer can also does not block so its application is increasingly popularized.

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