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Share the magnetic flap level gauge how to selection

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-17

magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of liquid level meter, it is a kind of measuring equipment, a kind of technology not only complex, but also to meet the user's technical requirements, so should have a perfect after-sale service, also have to understand the user's production process and the specific requirements of pre-sale service. You have a concept of on magnetic level gauge is turning to understand? General can be divided into the following three aspects: instrument characteristics, work mainly includes the measurement range, measurement accuracy, reliability, etc. ; Work environment, mainly including the object under test conditions, the placement of liquid level meter, etc. ; Output mode, mainly including whether continuous measurement, signal transmission and display, etc. ( 1) Side mounted lining type magnetic level gauge (turning PTFE) Suitable for corrosive medium and high working temperature and liquid level measurement, using advanced new technology of stainless steel lining ptfe stretch flanging, structure and reliable, long service life. Strong corrosive medium such as hydrofluoric acid is the best choice for level measurement. ( 2) Magnetic level gauge (turning side mounted PP) Applicable to hydrochloric acid and dilute sulphuric acid, inorganic kind of corrosive liquid measurement, because of imported high strength is close to metal, especially the PPR unique heat preservation, this product is suitable for outdoor water tank level measurement, internal will not freeze in winter. But not as PTFE lining type heat resistance and compression performance is good, the temperature and pressure is lower to choose the high cost performance products.

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