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Share the electromagnetic flowmeter installation requirements

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-11

in order to let the flowmeter can correct measurement, when choosing pipe location on the installation should pay attention to the following requirements:

(1) medium in the installation position should be full pipe flow, are attached to the electrode to avoid than full pipe and gas.

2 meter can be installed on the straight path, also can be installed in horizontal or inclined pipe, but requires two electrodes at the center of the connection is in a state level.

(3) for liquid-solid two-phase fluids, vertical installation, had better use made attrition uniform in the sensors, prolong the service life of the

(4) install location medium disaffection tube flowmeter, flow can take up half the backend line method, make its full package, it is forbidden to install the meter in a highest point and the outlet pipe.

5] when the velocity of the medium can not meet the requirements, should choose relatively small diameter flowmeter, then you should use different pipe diameter taper pipe or modify part, make its caliber with sensors, but straight pipe before and after shall meet at least: straight pipe before & ge; After 5 dn, straight pipe & ge; 3DN( DN for pipe diameter)

[6] best straight pipe before and after the meter for the first & ge; 10 dn, back-end & ge; 5 dn

electromagnetic flowmeter better play a role of the flow measurement need to choose suitable for the position of the electromagnetic flowmeter installation, and in accordance with the instructions on the installation of the correct instruction of electromagnetic flowmeter, as much as possible to ensure we usually use the reliability and stability. Experience more than just share with you.

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