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Share the electrode electromagnetic flowmeter cleaning method

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-10

electromagnetic flowmeter is one of the categories of instruments for process automation instrument and apparatus, the reason is that its high measuring accuracy, stable performance, long working hours. It is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, chemical industry, petroleum, transportation, construction, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection and People's Daily life and so on each domain of national economy, is the development of industrial and agricultural production, save energy and improve the quality of our products and improve the economic benefit and the management level of the important tools in the national economy occupies an important position.

common electrode material: 316 l stainless steel: not resistant to inorganic acid, organic acid, chloride corrosion of titanium in non corrosive or weak corrosive medium ( Ti) : especially suitable for the chlorine ions existing situations, ability chloride ( Calcium chloride, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, sodium chloride), Hartz, sulfide, organic acid, alkali corrosion alloy C ( HC) : moderate corrosion resistance in oxidizing and reducing environment. Not suitable for chloride, sulphate, fluoride tantalum ( Ta) : it has excellent corrosion resistance, similar to the glass, can almost everything chemical medium ( Including the boiling point of hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and aqua regia, sulfuric acid) The corrosion. Not alkali resistance, hydrofluoric acid, fluoride and fuming sulfuric acid corrosion of platinum ( Pt) : apply to almost all chemical medium corrosion, but does not apply to aqua regia and ammonium salt

electrode selection of different medium, the duration of use is likely to make the electromagnetic flowmeter electrodes with different degree of dirt, so how to find the electrode solution is more or less in the process of electromagnetic flowmeter using one of the problems, several ways you can try the following summary:

1. Machinery QingChuFa: QingChuFa by installing special mechanical structure on the electrode to achieve clear electrode. Currently has two forms: one is to use mechanical curettage, made of stainless steel with a thin shaft scraper, through a hollow electrode spatula derivation, fine between shaft and the hollow electrode adopts mechanical seal in order to prevent the outflow of medium, then formed the mechanical abrasion. When rotating thin axis from the outside, scraper to tip plane turning, shave their dirt. This in addition to the scraper can be manually, also can use the automatic shave their fine motor drive shaft.

2。 Ultrasonic cleaning methods: the ultrasonic generator to produce 45 ~ 65 KHZ ultrasonic wave voltage to the electrode, the ultrasonic energy concentrated on the electrodes in contact with the medium, thus the ability of using ultrasound to shatter bilge, achieve the purpose of cleaning.

3。 Electrochemical methods: metal electrodes in electrochemical phenomena exist in the electrolyte fluid. According to the principle of electrochemistry, electrode electric field and fluid interface, electrode with fluid interface is electrode/fluid and is caused by the electric double layer. For electrodes and fluid interface electric field of the study found that the substance molecules, atoms, or ions adsorption phenomena in the interface has a rich or poor, and found that most of the inorganic anion surface active substances, as the typical ion adsorption rule, and inorganic cationic surface active is small. Therefore the electrochemical cleaning electrode anion adsorption is only considered. Anion adsorption and there is a close relationship between electrode potential and adsorption mainly in charge potential correction of potential range than zero, the electrode surface with opposite sign charge. On the electrode surface with no charge, when the remaining charge density slightly larger, electrostatic repulsion is greater than the adsorption force, anionic quickly stripping, this is the principle of electrochemical cleaning.

4。 Electric shock tees: this method USES ac high voltage to the electrodes and the medium between regularly, usually add 30 ~ 100 v. Because the electrodes are attached, the surface contact resistance, almost focused on attachments the applied voltage, high voltage attachments to breakdown, will then be flow away. Total safety, use electric shocks tees must be interruption of flowmeter measurement, signal lines disconnect between sensor and converter, power outage case ac high voltage directly on the sensor signal output terminal for cleaning.

through the above introduction believe everyone had the further understanding and the understanding of product, electrode electromagnetic flowmeter cleaning method for inorganic pollution, electrode in 0. 1 mol/L 30 minutes in dilute hydrochloric acid, clean with water, then immersed in 3. 5 mol/L potassium chloride solution soak for use after 6 hours. 4% hydrogen fluoride solution at 3 ~ 5 s, extracted with distilled water rinse, then at 0. 1 mol/L HCL solution soak for several hours, with distilled water is rinsed clean, calibration, membrane fouling of organic oil pollution and oil, can use detergent to clean platinum or gold surface with water after cleaning, then immersed in 3. 5 mol/L potassium chloride solution soak for use after 6 hours. Pollution formation on the surface of platinum oxide film, can use toothpaste to platinum or gold surface polishing, and then clean with water, then immersed in 3. 5 mol/L potassium chloride solution soak for use after 6 hours. Instrument use fixed number of year length need us to daily maintenance, only in this way can guarantee the accuracy of the measurement data, and is an indispensable step for precise field use.

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