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Share applications and advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-10

electromagnetic flowmeter principle and summary: electromagnetic flowmeter is made according to the ferrari brother's law of electromagnetic induction is a kind of measuring liquid conductivity meter. Electromagnetic flowmeter has a series of excellent properties, can solve the problem of other flow meter is not easy to apply, such as dirt flow, corrosion flow measurement. The 70 s and 80 s electromagnetic flow is technically a major breakthrough, make it become a widely used type of flowmeter, the usage percentage is rising in the flow meter. Applications: electromagnetic flowmeter application domain is widespread, large diameter instrument is more applied in water supply and drainage engineering; Small caliber is often used in high demand or dangerous situations, such as iron and steel industry blast furnace tuyere cooling water control, papermaking industry measure paper slurry and the black liquor, strong corrosive liquid, chemical industry non-ferrous metallurgical industry of the pulp; Small diameter, small diameter is often used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, biochemistry and places of health requirements. The good: ( 1) Measurement channel is smooth and straight, not blocked, suitable for measuring the solid-liquid two-phase fluid containing solid particles, such as pulp, slurry, sewage, etc. ; ( 2) Do not produce the pressure loss caused by the traffic detection, energy-saving effect is good; ( 3) Measured by the volume flow is, in fact is not affected by fluid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity changes significantly affect; ( 4) Flow range is big, wide diameter range; ( 5) Can be used corrosive fluids. The bad: ( 1) Not measuring liquid conductivity is very low, such as oil products; ( 2) Not measuring gas, steam and liquid containing larger bubbles; ( 3) Cannot be used in high temperature.

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