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Scale vortex precession flowmeter measurement of heavy oil

by:Sincerity     2021-01-26
Abstract: the scale vortex precession flowmeter measurement of heavy oil information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. 1 introduction of film, widely used in domestic crude oil metering instrument roots flowmeter is a rotating components flowmeter, the flow of viscous crude oil online and there is a lot of problems. Due to serious, heavy oil has easily jammed rotating components flowmeter, accordingly. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a scale for measuring precession vortex flowmeter article details of heavy oil. 1 introduction of film, widely used in domestic crude oil metering instrument roots flowmeter is a rotating components flowmeter, the flow of viscous crude oil online and there is a lot of problems. Due to serious, heavy oil has easily jammed rotating components flowmeter, the corresponding maintenance workload is big, cost is higher. Although ultrasonic flowmeter has no moving parts, due to the measurement of fan coil is limited, can only measure the pure medium, easily conductive water or sewage, withered viscous oil can't measurement of poor electrical conductivity, thus not suitable for heavy oil metering. The introduction of heavy oil metering mass flowmeter while the measuring accuracy is higher, but because of heavy oil steam injection production, into the metering device of liquid containing large amount of steam, often affect the measurement of heavy oil, and the price is more expensive. To solve these problems, heavy oil company in a few years ago line division measurement on the development of the tomb. Catic flow technology institute jointly with xi 'an test vortex precession flowmeter was developed. Precession vortex flowmeter has no moving parts, it is a differentia pressure type flow meters, secondary instrument adopts single-chip microcomputer technology, reduces the unit cost measurement, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and flowmeter measurement difference is small, can satisfy the measurement requirements of heavy oil. In 92 # test 2 units, 2006 in 2008, six new area of heavy oil depot, 5 application has achieved good results. Heavy oil metering conditions (2 1) Characteristics of heavy oil metering 6 ~ 9 area of heavy oil viscosity of 2000 ~ 100000 mpa. s( 20℃) Range, crude oil density of 0. 92 - 0. 98g/cm' , average water cut is 87%, the hot gas injection sand is severe, causing heavy oil carrier, impurities into the collection of material handling system. ( 2) Heavy oil metering situation of heavy oil exploitation process using secondary embattling mode, the well output liquid advanced metering station 60 m & # 39; Tank, the metering station tank pump rob to crude oil depot, this certainly will cause uneven oil depot to liquid. In heavy oil processing plant design, measuring instrument selection according to the thin oil still design standards, selection of flowmeter for volumetric flowmeter. This flowmeter is mainly generated when the medium flow of energy is used to drive the flowmeter counts. Flow meter of the self-lubricating bearing lubrication method, it is easy to cause flow meter is dead or impurities of heavy card bearing eccentric wear, causing flowmeter halt. The properties of heavy oil reservoir, Reservoir cementation situation worse, serious sand production) And the nature of the product ( Viscosity, naphthenic components) Determines the measurement of heavy oil cannot be applied to conventional rotating measuring instrument for measuring, such as Laura Bates, waist wheel flow meter. Steam injection with high intensity and will result in sand production oil Wells is serious, also carrying capacity is strong, heavy oil will move from the mouth of the well to the ground, a single well pipeline & rarr; 60m' Tank & rarr; Pump & rarr; Main oil & rarr; Into oil depot, where sand for fine silt with heavy oil wrapped centuries, easy cause sand card. In order to prevent sand card, dense filter mesh will be selected in a meter before removing the sand filter, but because the brigade network selection is too thin, even can not pass, heavy oil pipeline disadvantages caused by pressure. Affect the normal production. Therefore, heavy oil company has adopted the centrifugal flowmeter and mass flowmeter for metering of crude oil, but because of the centrifugal flow of unresolved problem of sand plug pipe, not used. Mass flowmeter can solve the problem of line measurement of thick oil, but because of the heavy oil is big, in order to improve oil recovery effect, sometimes the production crew in the production line with a small amount of steam, this part of the steam into the oil depot to a greater influence on the mass flowmeter, if the steam in a short period of time more than 1 o %, will make the quality meter cannot normal measurement. So there is a heavy oil metering instrument selection should be considered for open process of heavy oil production, pump oil. To imbalance of the fluid, oil production area. Volatility, at the same time, low degree of large, high temperature, serious sand production oil Wells, selection of the characteristics of high water cut for instrument. 3 the selection of vortex precession flowmeter intelligent vortex precession flowmeter, has the following characteristics: ( 1) With wide range measurement function. ( 2) Precession vortex flowmeter in flow measurement, process, able to fast track the operation condition of the fluid changes, correct to complete the related parameters of testing and operation, automatic flow measurement deviation, shu precise metering of crude oil flow. ( 3) Vortex precession flowmeter work surface is smooth curved surface, with a small solid material by its ability to throat diameter, not easy to wear, no moving parts, firm structure, long service life. ( 4) Precession vortex flowmeter, zui better in fluid dynamics design, make it dropped from zui small pressure loss. ( 5) Precession vortex flowmeter, applies to pure oil flow measurement, applies to the oil-water mixture flow metering.
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