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Scale electrode electromagnetic flowmeter is dirty?

by:Sincerity     2020-11-01
Abstract: the scale electrode electromagnetic flowmeter is dirty? Information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Instruments and meters, as an essential part of industrial production of products, widely used in daily, flowmeter, as a kind of precision instruments, however, with daily maintenance in use, there are many need to pay attention. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of wisdom. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a scale electrode electromagnetic flowmeter is dirty? The article details. Instruments and meters, as an essential part of industrial production of products, widely used in daily, flowmeter, as a kind of precision instruments, however, with daily maintenance in use, there are many need to pay attention. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of intelligent instrument, it is particularly important to maintain. If electromagnetic flowmeter measurement of medium to long-term is dirty, so electromagnetic flowmeter in work after period of time, the electrodes can produce dirt. When scaling material conductivity and electrical conductivity of the measured medium is not at the same time, there would be a measurement error. Sludge, oil pollution of electrode, also can make the instrument output swing and drift. Therefore, in this case we need regular electrode electromagnetic flowmeter for maintenance and cleaning. Down to introduce several kinds of electromagnetic flowmeter electrode cleaning method. 1. Machinery QingChuFa QingChuFa by installing special mechanical structure on the electrode to achieve clear electrode. Currently has two forms: one is to use mechanical curettage, made of stainless steel with a thin shaft blade, blade made by hollow electrode leads. When rotating thin axis from the outside, close to tip of smears plane turning, shave their dirt. This in addition to the scraper can be manually, also can use the automatic shave their fine motor drive shaft. Another is in a tubular electrode, mount away dirt with the steel wire brush, wrapped in sealing o-ring shaft to prevent fluid leaks. The cleaning device often need someone to pull wire brush to clean the electrode, is not very convenient to operate. 2. Electrochemical methods of metal electrodes in electrochemical phenomena exist in the electrolyte fluid. According to the principle of electrochemistry, electrode electric field and fluid interface, electrode with fluid interface is electrode/fluid and is caused by the electric double layer. For electrodes and fluid interface electric field of the study found that the substance molecules, atoms, or ions adsorption phenomena in the interface has a rich or poor, and found that most of the inorganic anion surface active substances, as the typical ion adsorption rule, and inorganic cationic surface active is small. Therefore the electrochemical cleaning electrode anion adsorption is only considered. Anion adsorption and there is a close relationship between electrode potential and adsorption mainly in charge potential correction of potential range than zero, the electrode surface with opposite sign charge. On the electrode surface with no charge, when the remaining charge density slightly larger, electrostatic repulsion is greater than the adsorption force, anionic quickly stripping, this is the principle of electrochemical cleaning. 3. Ultrasonic cleaning method ultrasonic generator to produce 45 ~ 65 KHZ ultrasonic wave voltage to the electrode, the ultrasonic energy concentrated on the electrodes in contact with the medium, thus the ability of using ultrasound to shatter bilge, achieve the purpose of cleaning. 4. Electric shock tees this method USES ac high voltage to the electrodes and the medium between regularly, usually add 30 ~ 100 v. Because the electrodes are attached, the surface contact resistance, almost focused on attachments the applied voltage, high voltage attachments to breakdown, will then be flow away. Starting from the security, use electric shocks tees must be interruption of flowmeter measurement, signal lines disconnect between sensor and converter, power outage case ac high voltage directly on the sensor signal output terminal for cleaning. Regularly to cleaning of electrodes, prolongs the service life of electromagnetic flowmeter. Electromagnetic flowmeter, as you know, in the event of failure, repair cost will be high, only in the usual use can do regular maintenance, to reduce the unnecessary loss, let the value of product expansion. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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