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Proper use of glass rotor flowmeter should be to do this

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-06
Proper use of glass rotor flowmeter should do this is to use some glass rotor flowmeter is very wide, but it is easy to be broken, so use must correct operation, to avoid measurement or tube rupture is not allowed. Let's say the right operation method of glass rotor flowmeter. 1, place the traffic time to find a stable place, so you can be at ease use. 2, then check the glass rotameter inside the glass tube is broken, the glass is fragile, vibration will make glass tube rupture during transit. 3, remove the glass tube rotor fixture and filler, gently to see if the rotor can free sliding up and down. If not free sliding, lightly of vibration plate, so that you could slip on the general. If still can't slide, you need ask professional and technical personnel to solve. 4 when, installation also try to be careful to protect equipment, with professional protective gloves handling flowmeter, prevent staff cuts from the glass. Used above 5, flow meter installed in the pipeline, to strictly follow the instruction manual of the flowmeter, conform to the requirements of the flowmeter set clear working pressure and temperature, to prevent the pressure is too big or too small, cause the measurement and the damage of the meter is not allowed. Don't to see the readings in 6, the use of more clear, will give to remove the confinement, this is absolutely not allowed, because the glass tube blasting, protective casing. So can never remove the casing. The above is the correct way of using the glass rotor flowmeter, hope everybody can pay attention to when using.
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