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Principle, applications and advantages of endress hauser density meter

Principle, applications and advantages of endress hauser density meter


By artificially introducing a Coriolis acceleration into the stream, Endress Hauser coriolis mass flow meters measure direct flow. With few moving parts and no straight pipe requirement, endress hauser density meter provide extremely accurate measurement of mass volume flow, density, and temperature.

Principle of endress hauser density meter

The endress hauser density meter is an innovative and reliable tool for precise measurement of liquid and gas densities. Using the oscillating U-tube concept, it features a specially-designed sensor tube with two vibrating elements that are submerged in the process medium. As the medium flows through the tube, its density causes a change in natural frequency. This state-of-the-art device has highly sensitive electronics that continuously monitor these frequency changes and convert them into accurate density readings displayed on an intuitive interface. Its advanced technology and sturdy construction ensure long-term stability and minimal maintenance requirements. The Endress Hauser density meter provides valuable insights into critical processes across various industries such as oil refining, chemical production, food processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The Endress Hauser density meter, known for its precise and dependable performance, operates based on oscillation principles. As liquid moves through the vibrating tube inside, its density causes a corresponding change in the frequency of oscillation. The meter utilizes electronic technology to produce an alternating current that connects with magnets within the device, resulting in resonance and a unique vibration pattern based on the fluid's density. To accurately measure this pattern, sensors mounted at both ends of the tube detect vibrations and transmit them to fast signal processors inside. These signals are then transformed into digital data for further analysis and calculations involving specific gravity or concentration measurements. With advanced algorithms and a sturdy structure, Endress Hauser density meters provide unparalleled accuracy across diverse industries like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, food processing, and wastewater treatment plants – guaranteeing excellent process control and quality assurance in any application.

The endress hauser density meter is a versatile solution that caters to customer needs by providing real-time analytical process information. It supports multiple applications such as optimizing processes, monitoring quality, and reducing waste. Additionally, it can monitor all stages of production, from blending to final product, and also verify and document process steps. By eliminating the need for offline lab tests, it improves plant efficiency and enables quicker response to fluctuations in conditions.

Compact transmitter for point level detection, continuous level, interface and density measurement.

Characteristic / Application 

Compact transmitter for extreme process conditions (temperature, pressure);

Non-contact measuring technique

Field of application of endress hauser density meter

A compact transmitter can detect point levels, continuous levels, interfaces and densities in liquids, solids, suspensions, and sludges without requiring contact. With its 2-wire loop power, it reduces engineering and installation costs.

For all kinds of process vessels, like reactors, autoclaves, separators, acid tanks, cyclones

For liquids, solids, suspensions or sludges etc.

Extreme measuring conditions, for example corrosion, abrasion, viscosity, toxicity

Process temperature: No limitation (non-invasive)

Process pressure: No limitation (non-invasive)

Housing material: 316L, aluminum

Advantages of endress hauser density meter

First real 2-wire loop-powered compact transmitter minimizes engineering and installation efforts

Reduced installation and engineering costs thanks to the first 2-wire loop powered compact transmitter

Increased plant safety, efficiency and availability even under extreme process and ambient conditions

Designed according to IEC 61508 with SIL2/3 approval for all measuring tasks

Reduced verification effort and minimized plant shut-downs due to state-of-art Heartbeat Technology

Usage in up to +80°C (+176°F) ambient temperature without additional cooling thanks to innovative sensor technology.

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