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Precession vortex flow meter scale how should maintain

by:Sincerity     2021-01-22
Abstract: the precession vortex flow meter scale how should maintain information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. A, the principle of vortex precession flowmeter, vortex precession flowmeter built-in pressure, temperature, flow sensor, high security function structure compact shape aesthetic, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow in situ show that temperature and pressure; Using the new signal processing amplifier and alone. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a precession vortex flow meter scale how to maintain article details. A, the principle of vortex precession flowmeter, vortex precession flowmeter built-in pressure, temperature, flow sensor, high security function structure compact shape aesthetic, instantaneous flow and cumulative flow in situ show that temperature and pressure; Using new and unique signal processing amplifier filtering technology, effectively eliminate the pressure fluctuation and pipeline vibration generated by the interference signal, greatly improved the anti-interference ability of the flowmeter, make small flow has wonderful not disorderly; The real-time data storage function, no matter what circumstance, can guarantee the internal data is not lost, but * keep; Extremely low power consumption by the battery power supply to run for a long time, is the ideal without external power supply on-site display instrument; Reliable anti-theft function with password protection, prevent parameter changes; Headers can be 180 degree free rotation, install it. The daily maintenance of vortex precession flowmeter: 1, install, maintain undeserved not only affects the measurement precision and other function, serious when still can make the instrument work is not straight, even might damage the apparatus: in the electromagnetic flow time, moving and lifting sling should be set in the flowmeter two whole neck flange position, do not set in the measuring tube into the tube rods, hoisting, in order to avoid damage to the lining, also should prevent the precession vortex flow meter connector socket from collision and damage; Necessary to ensure the central flow and the middle of the process piping is consistent, and good grounding line otherwise it will cause error. 2, the position of the place, to avoid moisture dry drafty easy seeper place, avoid and, as far as possible to avoid strong vibration, avoid strong electromagnetic field devices, such as big motor, transformer, etc. ; For the vortex precession flowmeter work reliably, without external parasitic potential interference, should be good grounding line alone, don't take ground wire on the public ground wire of motor or other equipment. Precession vortex flowmeter generally does not need daily maintenance, but easily measured medium in the electrodes and the measuring tube inner surface adhesion or scale, must be timely cleaning sounding pipe wall and electrode, pay attention to don't make lining electrode is damaged. 3, failure occurs when the precession vortex flowmeter, to check whether the measuring tube medium full tube, lining and whether scaling on electrode and cable connection is reliable, the excitation coil is short circuit or open circuit, its whether the insulation to earth; Whether in the piping medium leakage, upstream and downstream of the valve whether to have impact, whether installation location, near the environment interference flow meter, for normal operation of converter is. Three, the installation requirements of vortex precession flowmeter: any type of flow meters have the characteristics of its installation, vortex precession flowmeter is not exceptional also, in order to make the instrument work can better serve the flow measurement, the following aspects of considerations should cause enough attention about the management and use the department. 1, attaches great importance to the instrument selection has been selected instrument ( For example, intelligent vortex precession flowmeter, followed by the selection of instrument specifications and its supporting element is very important. Therefore, in the process of selection should grasp the two basic principles; Namely: to ensure the use of precision, to ensure the safe production. To do this, it is necessary to carry out the selection of the three parameters, namely the immediate and long-term zui, zui small and common instantaneous flow ( Mainly used for the size of the selected instrument specifications) The design of the measured medium pressure ( It is mainly used for the selected instrument nominal pressure level) Pressure of work, Mainly used for the selected instrument of pressure sensor pressure level) 2, followed by automatic offset and automatic compression factor correction. Also can directly detect the specification of the gas volume and the mass flow of saturated steam. Precession vortex flow meter adopts advanced microcomputer technology and high-performance integrated chips, precession vortex gas flowmeter is capable of detecting the medium temperature and pressure. Using high and new technology such as advanced micro power consumption, low power consumption. The meter can be run by cells within the temporary power supply, but also by external power supply mode. 3, due to the precession vortex flowmeter is a kind of speed type flowmeter, flow through the throttle accelerates a vortex flow and pressure loss happens, therefore, should prevent the problems in the use of present: 1) Good guarantee for a single Newton body measurement, if crude and trace impurity particles is more, should be before the flow separation, filter, otherwise it will cause measurement value is greater than the actual value. 2) The selection of flow meter should be according to the actual flow medium, rather than the diameter of the pipeline installation, it is very important.
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