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Pipe sections of the selection of the ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-06-26

the most indispensable industrial production is flowmeter, a variety of flow meter in our industrial production plays a very important role, so we for you to introduce our pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter, the flow meter should most people haven't heard of, so, our new generation of ultrasonic flow meter now just in our country, a lot of factories use free of the experiment.

we for you to introduce this kind of pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter, the ultrasonic flowmeter is mainly the use of single-chip microcomputer and the combination of the principle of pulse produced, this type of traffic monitoring instrument is a kind of based on the test items is to attack the voice of the ultrasonic beam, by returning rate and the size of the loss of instruments for measuring flow. Our meter to test the signal is mainly by change in the velocity of ultrasonic transmission, mainly on the method of time difference, time difference method and the method of phase directly, our instruments to noise is also to have certain independent filterability, also to a certain extent to ensure the accuracy of measuring flow.

our pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter is and ordinary flow meter is the same, is an unencumbered flow meter, is a flowmeter can solve large caliber. Our equipment is in recent years, the most popular with factories around the world to use an ultrasonic flowmeter.

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