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Outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter selection and installation of the note

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-06
For the broad masses of customers to the correct use of outside outside my company summarizes the clip clip type ultrasonic flowmeter type ultrasonic flowmeter selection and installation of the note. Hope to be of help. A, in choosing ultrasonic flow timing, pipe wall thickness, outer diameter, the measured medium, the temperature of the measured medium, accuracy requirements, the measurement for the gas medium, also need to know the pressure of the gas, etc. , in addition, should also be according to user's actual situation and requires reasonable selection of measurement. 1, such as measuring the diameter of pipe diameter size in below DN15mm, had better choose imported ultrasonic flowmeter, the current domestic ultrasonic flowmeter for small diameter measurement, can not meet the technical requirements. 2, medium temperature when measuring medium for room temperature, can choose domestic ultrasonic flowmeter, the temperature from 120 degrees to 200 degrees, also should choose imported ultrasonic flowmeter, above 200 degrees above, should choose German FLEXIM ultrasonic flowmeter, the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement temperature can reach 550 degrees. 3, accuracy requirements such as a user of high accuracy, side should be imported ultrasonic flowmeter. 4, gas ultrasonic flowmeter measurement such as the customer of the medium for gas or contains a small amount of water, the side need to choose dual gas ultrasonic flowmeter, check before home, only Germany flack, company have liquid gauge. If you have this aspect of the industrial and mining, can seek advice from Shanghai sen intelligent instrument co. , LTD and technical personnel. 5, fixed or portable ultrasonic flowmeter installation of if there is enough space, and the power converter, stationary ultrasonic flowmeter is economical and practical, and handheld ultrasonic flowmeter is convenient for checking and carry. 2, 1, the installation of the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement pipeline is old industrial and mining, try not to use 2 acoustic layer ( V) Sound sensor installation, should choose 1 layer ( The Z method) , this installation method, ultrasonic flowmeter issue of ultrasonic flow sensor, is easy to flow sensor for measuring receiver, and the intensity of ultrasonic flowmeter the host signal guaranteed, and can guarantee the high accuracy of the measured values. 2, when measuring new pipelines, when faced with zinc paint or crossing pipelines, can use roving processing pipeline surface first, and then use yarn continue processing, so to ensure that the ultrasonic flowmeter flow sensor installation point is smooth, level off, ultrasonic flowmeter flow probe can be a good contact with the measuring the outer wall of pipeline. 3, when the pipe is vertical upward direction, if the fluid flow in the pipeline is from down to upper, can be measured, if the liquid is top-down, the flow of the pipeline is not suitable for traffic data collection. 4, in addition of a pipeline is carried out in traffic data collection before, must oneself to measure the outer circumference of the pipe, Use a tape measure) , wall thickness, With a thickness gauge) And the temperature of the outer wall of pipeline, Surface temperature measuring instrument) And so on. 5, remove the installation within the period of thermal insulation layer and protective layer, and put transducer according to the wall clean. Avoid local sag, ponder, and protruding objects grinding paint rust layer net. 6, for vertical pipe set, instrument for mono transit time method, sensor installation location should be as much as possible in the upstream, bend bend axis plane for bend after distortion is relatively close to the average of the flow field. 7, ultrasonic flowmeter sensor installation and pipe wall reflection in must avoid interface and welding seam. 8, ultrasonic flowmeter sensor ga la installation of pipe lining and the scale layer cannot be too thick. Lining, rust layer between the wall and cannot have clearance. For pipeline corrosion seriously, hammer shock tube wall are available, and to shake off the walls of the rust layer, ensure the normal order of the sound wave propagation. But must pay attention to prevent depressions. 9, sensors, face between the wall and keep enough coupling agent, there can be no air and solid particles, so as to guarantee the good coupling.

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