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Orifice meter on medium and pipeline conditions

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-22

Orifice meter on medium and pipeline conditions:a. Flow of fluid and flow state requirements: compressed fluid can be measured and incompressible fluid; Fluid must be a Newtonian fluid, but also on the physics and thermodynamics is the uniform of single-phase fluid; Shall be filled with the fluid pipe, the pipe flow should not change over time, or in fact only a small and a slow change over time, not suitable for measuring the pulsating flow.b。 Pipeline conditions: guarantee in upstream is adjacent to the throttle device, the pipe fluid flow state is close to a typical fully developed turbulent flow state. So need to install a certain length of straight pipe ( General upstream side 10 d, the downstream side of the 5 d) ; The throttling parts in the pipeline installation should guarantee and pipeline concentric; Clamping of the throttling sealing gasket ( Including annulus with throttle with flange, ring room between the flange and the flange pressure and orifice plate gasket) After clamping, not into the pipe wall; In order to ensure the throttle device straight pipe upstream and downstream demands and gasket, general manufacturers are straight pipe and orifice plate and take pressure method. So easy to guarantee pipeline conditions.

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