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Orifice flowmeter in the application

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-05

orifice meter application has a long history, has the international standard, the theory of high precision, has been widely applied, but after decades of application, found the orifice flowmeter has the following: (1) application of many factors, Design parameters and operating conditions, lack of straight pipe upstream, different heart, orifice plate and pipe orifice a-side polluted, acute wear, etc. ) Has a very large effect on the accuracy of measurement, the measurement error; (2) the installation of more trouble, maintenance and unpick and wash larger workload. (3) need to be used with a differential pressure transmitter, increased maintenance workload, the other must guide pressure pipe laying, and should be carried out on the pressure pipe heat preservation in winter, can not be installed outdoors; (4) the flow range ratio of 1:3, limitations; 5. If the installation is not correct, prone to leakage; 6. The pressure loss is bigger, the high cost of operation.

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