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Once-through electromagnetic flowmeter and the difference between the induction electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-04
In accordance with the applied magnetic field type of different, electromagnetic flow meter mainly include once-through and induction type two kinds. Once-through electromagnetic flowmeter ( FIG. 1) Plus under the constant magnetic field perpendicular to the pipe axis B, C, D is equipped with two electrodes, used to measure the fluid through the magnetic field of the induced electromotive force when U. Flow rate Q type out under available: Q = 1 / k * UA/Bd type in A pipeline cross-sectional area; D as the pipe diameter; K for the correction coefficient, which is used to correct formula before and factors ( Such as flow meter pipe flow velocity in fact was not uniform) The influence of. In regular flowmeter, k is about 0. Eight, but for a particular size, for the specific conditions of electromagnetic flowmeter, depends on volume ( A certain period of time through the volume) Calibration of k value. Magnetic field can be produced by * magnets, magnet material generally is a drill a nickel aluminum alloy. Large flow, because of the larger diameter, the no core excitation winding is adopted to access to it often direct current to produce an approximately uniform magnetic field. Induction electromagnetic flowmeter in current through high temperature or has strong corrosion of electrodes and other circumstances, can adopt induction electromagnetic flowmeter ( FIG. 2) 。 A and B as equals the number of turns of the two ac excitation winding ( Figure in the painting is cross section) , the winding is connected in series between, but their current in the opposite direction. By induction coil when the fluid static C synthesis of magnetic flux is zero, so no induced in the coil of alternating electromotive force. Fluid flow in the induction coil produces alternating electromotive force, its size is proportional to the velocity. Based on this principle, there are a lot of retrofit scheme, such as using a field winding, and put a direction in its symmetrical on each side instead of induction coil and concatenation of fluid flow, the magnetic field lines to the flow direction of the shock on either side of the induction coil raw electromotive force is not zero, which can be indirectly said the size of the flow. Electromagnetic flowmeter with no other parts of the pipeline, so besides is used to measure the flow of conductive fluid, can also be used to measure various viscosity of non-conductive liquids ( With easy ionization material) The traffic. Often use electromagnetic flowmeter in the nuclear power industry.
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