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Oilfield water injection flow meter scale field application effect is analyzed

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-27
Abstract: analysis of oilfield water injection flow meter scale field application effect of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Abstract: this paper analyzes the oil field casing damage zone injection flow meter at present situation, this paper introduces the working principle of four kinds of flowmeter, and through to the mouth, the application of the injection flow meter track comparison, this paper discusses the reasons of high pressure dry water meter negative deviation, machine. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, below is the oil field water injection flow meter scale field application effect analysis for details. Oilfield casing damage zone injection flow meter are analyzed in this paper the current situation, this paper introduces the working principle of four kinds of flow meter, and based on the mouth, the application of the injection flow meter track comparison, this paper discusses the reasons of high pressure dry water meter negative deviation, mechanical and electronic technology, combined with the advantages and disadvantages, after application of vortex flowmeter, puts forward the vortex flowmeter completely replace high pressure dry water meter, to avoid the instrument error affect oil field water injection, improve the quality of water injection has certain guiding role. Key words: injection Wells, flow meter, the effect is the working principle and characteristics of several kinds of flowmeter 1. 1 ordinary high pressure dry water meter. Injection Wells and high pressure dry water meter basically USES Angle joint type, a small amount of high pressure vortex flowmeter. Works by the kinetic energy of the liquid that produces rotating impeller, the impeller rotating magnetic coupling rotates, the magnetic steel to produce a rotating magnetic field, the rotating magnetic field drive disk rotation to make it count. The flow within the impeller speed is as is proportional to the flow. 1. 2 LGZ series intelligent digital display meter. In ordinary high pressure dry injection water meter, on the basis of improved bearing material, improve the wear resistance of graphite sleeve, used the electronic display header, to overcome the ordinary pressure exist dry water meter counter the wear and tear of aging, lose and instantaneous water without shortcomings. Using the electromagnetic induction principle to water meter core impeller speed is converted into electrical signals, after processing into microcomputer, accumulation and instantaneous flow after calculation. 1. 3 LSH series electronic water meter. LSH series electronic water meter for speed flow meter, using the impeller rotating angular velocity is proportional to the flow principle. The rotation of the impeller impeller shaft through the upper annular magnets, the magnetic force pass partition upper magnetic sensor, magnetic sensor induction frequency of the signal amplifying, filtering, shaping circuit, pulse width treatment, after the Israeli wave signal output, the CMOS integrated circuit monitor, display cumulative flow and transient flow respectively. 1. 4 lub series vortex flowmeter. LUB series can be divided into ordinary, venturi type vortex flowmeter, it according to Carmen and stern vortex Hal produce theoretical design and its relationship with the flow. Working principle is that when the fluid flows through the Settings in the flow field at a certain velocity vortex occurs when the body, creates a pair of alternately appear on the downstream side of the cylinder and neat rows of vortex street, first produced in the side of the cylinder, and then on the other side. Leads to the vortex street frequency and is directly proportional to the velocity of the fluid equation: f = StV/d. f— Separation vortex frequency; V— Fluid flow velocity; St— The stern Hal constant; d— Cylinder incident flow surface width. Separation of vortex frequency is measured, can obtain the fluid velocity V, which flow are obtained. The flowmeter tube have no moving parts, wide flow range and small pressure loss, good stability, internal battery power supply, power protection function, convenient installation, low maintenance rate, as well as good linearity. 2 2 field application and the result analysis. 1 injection flow meter. In March 2010, for the mouth of the water injection water meter change at the same time, the wenzhou ou hai automation instrument and meter plant production of high-pressure vortex flowmeter 2 mouth, Beijing Kim dae-eui LGZ series intelligent digital display of equipment production high pressure meter 4 mouth, wenzhou essence petrochemical instrument and meter plant LSH series electronic meter 2 mouth, ordinary high pressure dry 26 mouth water meter. 2. In September, 22010, 34 mouth injection well injection water meter calibration. In September, 2010, in order to check the working condition of flowmeter, send 34 pieces of flowmeter calibration bureau of standard measurement, according to the testing standards, injection water meter in nominal flow, boundary flow and zui small flow three point calibration, in accordance with qualified standard of error, nominal flow for ( 15立方米/小时) ± 2%, boundary flow ( 4. 5 m3 / h) ± 3%, zui small flow ( 1. 2立方米/小时) ± 5%. Test results for high pressure dry water meter 26 pieces, 12 of qualified, unqualified 14 pieces, percent of pass is 46%, test meter 8, 8, 8 of qualified, the percent of pass is 100%. 2. 3 * time test results analysis. 2. 3. 1 ordinary cause high pressure dry water meter negative deviation. 1) injection Wells in the process of the injection pressure, the general pump pressure about 14 mpa, oil pressure at about 12 mpa, big shock when pressure fluctuations, make counter space with the magnetic steel, and there are 3 pieces of water meter counter at the bottom of the metal shell, which counter cannot be completely contact with magnets, have lost phenomenon, negative deviation, this kind of situation is relatively common. (2) high pressure dry water meter plastic high-speed rotating impeller and the center axis, because plastic impeller wear easily, affect the normal rotation of the impeller, the eccentric wear phenomenon, make the impeller hairpin, produced water did not turn, check found that a high percentage of 4 pieces of injection allocation well water meter card phenomenon, negative deviation. (3) corrosion seriously make relative copper impeller shell gap increases. Due to the injection well injection is sewage, there inevitably dirty oil, impurities and polymer corrosion of copper shell, there are 3 blocks appear because of leakage produce negative deviation.
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