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New meter scale began to Z new application in the cement industry

by:Sincerity     2021-01-30
Abstract: a new flow meter scale began to Z new application in the cement industry information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. One, the new flow meter in the cement industry began to used in chemical, petrochemical, steel, electricity, heating and water treatment industries various flowmeter has been widely applied, is used to measure the flow of various liquid and gas. As the industry requirement for flow measurement. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a new type of flowmeter scale began to Z new application in the cement industry article details. One, the new flow meter in the cement industry began to used in chemical, petrochemical, steel, electricity, heating and water treatment industries various flowmeter has been widely applied, is used to measure the flow of various liquid and gas. As the requirement of increasing the industrial field of flow measurement, all sorts of new type of flowmeter, appeared on the market they are based on the mechanism of measurement under different term, such as the coriolis, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and vortex flowmeter, compared with the traditional volumetric, venturi tube, mechanical orifice plate flowmeter, a new flow meter has the characteristics of the novel, the accuracy, reliability and repeatability, maintainability, and old-fashioned flowmeter have significant difference, compared in these devices, easy to wear of moving parts with little or no; Most of the flowmeter are invasive component, with smaller pressure drop and better security; Many western instrument equipped with microprocessor, can perform self-diagnosis and other functions, which can provide users with real-time feedback and historical data collection. Relative to other industries, all kinds of flowmeter applied in cement industry is less, this is because the production process is the main medium in the process of material flow and air flow, is given priority to with powder and particles in the material flow, material flow in the main process of liquid little, still contain a certain amount of dust and air, and in large pipe through, it brings the flow measurement great difficulty. Although in some processes, such as cooling machine the air volume of each room, as a result of measurement is high pressure air flow rate, pipe diameter is not big, generally with the traditional venturi tube, through the differential pressure can be measured, but because of the low accuracy of measurement, flow value can only be used as a reference, and use it to adjust the opening of the throttle, the constant air volume is more difficult, some nissan 5000 tons of production lines have not measure the rate of flow of high pressure air, but by measuring the electrical roots blower high voltage output to estimate traffic. So the flow measurement in the past in the cement industry is almost a blank, automation technology personnel often only, such as temperature, pressure, material level measurement sensors. As the cement production scale, technological process, constantly updated, flow measurement and new type flowmeter are also beginning to application in the cement industry. Big pipe gas flow measurement, the early introduction of some of the dry process cement production line, the preheater exit and exhaust gas treatment of foreign companies in the detection of gas flow in pipeline and the corresponding regulating valves, had chosen orifice plate flowmeter, flute velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, etc. , but the difficulty is too great, in use process due to the flow measurement does not affect the production of cement, after has not been used. Along with the continuous renewal of cement technology and scale, large vertical mill has been widely used, in the process of vertical mill, import and export volume requirements determine grinding machine and maintain a constant air volume, such as China's export of Oman nissan 3300 tons of cement production line, adopt the special company of vertical mill, there is this requirement in the measuring point list, nissan 3000 - ton cement raw meal grinding production line of the outlet duct diameter generally around 800 mm. In flow measurement in the specification, pipe diameter is larger than 200 mm is big runoff measurements, such as using traditional orifice plate flowmeter, in operation, as a result of the orifice throttling Kong Rui edge wear, surface contamination, pipe accumulated condensation grey, need to be replaced after wear and tear; Orifice flowmeter and range than the small, low accuracy and irreversible loss of pressure big shortcomings, such as; For large diameter pipeline needs a big flange, its price, installation and maintenance cost is also a concern. Additional gas flow measurement change by the change of temperature, pressure, gas flow measurement by it will cause serious influence, mainly displays in terms of accuracy and repeatability. In the cement industry in the process of being tested most of gas containing dust, measuring sensor generally with holes, dust will cause congestion measurement sensor, in cement industry big pipe gas flow measurement is difficult, there are many problems to be solved. As the new type of differential pressure type velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter appear in the market, solved the difficult problem of large pipe gas flow measurement, it has a range than the big, the characteristics of high precision, small pressure loss of the irreversible, can also be through a variety of measures to prevent blockage in the gas dust measurement sensors. This article focuses on the working principle of new type differential pressure type velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter, basic structure, characteristics and application and so on.
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