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Matters needing attention during installation and use of metal rotor flowmeter

by:Sincerity     2022-05-24
Precautions during installation and use of metal rotameter (1) The flowmeter needs to be installed vertically, and the fluid to be measured passes through the flowmeter from bottom to top, and the inlet and outlet are guaranteed to have For the straight pipe section with 5 times the diameter of the meter, for the newly installed pipeline, the pipeline should be flushed before the flowmeter is installed. (2) In order to facilitate the maintenance and replacement of the flowmeter, the bypass pipeline should be connected when the instrument is installed. (3) A valve should be installed upstream of the flow meter, and a flow regulating valve should be installed downstream of 5 to 10 times the diameter of the meter. For small-diameter instruments, a filter should be installed upstream. If the measured medium contains magnetic substances, a magnetic filter should be installed in front of the flowmeter. (4) When the measured medium is dirty, the tube and float should be cleaned in time. (5) The measurement accuracy of the metal rotor flowmeter is generally 2.5. When the measurement accuracy is required to be high, the metal rotor flowmeter should not be selected.
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