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Mark the conversion of the square and cube

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-20

the party, and conversion of cubic? The calculation of natural gas is more complex, due to the various states, vary across in such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. , and the purity of natural gas is also not fixed. When integrating so need to be in accordance with the standards of a reasonable. We know that the gas compressibility, the volume corresponding pressure and temperature conditions. For comparison and measurement, it is necessary to convert the gas volume under different pressure, temperature into a volume under the same pressure and temperature. Or, to be in the same measure the volume of a gas pressure and temperature conditions. The same pressure and temperature conditions is called the standard state. At present, the state standard of pressure and temperature conditions is not unified, must pay attention to when using. Standard state pressure condition, both at home and abroad with a standard atmospheric pressure, which is 101. 325 kPa, and different temperature conditions: one is to use 0 ℃, measurement under the condition of 1 m3 volume called 1 standard cubic meters, hereinafter referred to as a standard. Write 1 nm3 or 1 m3. Our country town gas ( Including natural gas) Usually adopt the standard design, operation and management department. For example, the town gas design code '( GB 50028 - 93). Indicate the gas volume flow measurement conditions of 0 ℃, and 101. 325 kPa。 Another is to use 20 ℃ or 60 ℉ ( 15. 6℃) 。 With a state standard difference, before measurement under the condition of 1 m3 called benchmark 1 cubic meters, the volume of a gas or 1 or 1 party, written 1 m3. Oil and gas industry in China is 20 ℃, for example, the gas flow standard orifice metering method '( SY / T613 - 1996). Indicate metering of natural gas volume flow conditions is 20 ℃, and 101. 325 kPa。 While countries such as Britain, the United States with 15 inch. 6 ℃, usually written in STD m3 or 1 m3. The conversion relation between them is: 1 m3 ( 20℃) = 0. 985 m3( 15. 6℃) = 0. 932 m3( 0℃) 。

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