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Liquid ammonia flowmeter measurement application characteristics

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-07

1, the solid metal structure design 2, USES the concept of independent type float flowmeter measurement indicator tube 3, is available in stainless steel, and hartz alloy, titanium, PTFE material measurement system (4, 5, short stroke, low pressure loss design small structure design, and 2506 total height, magnetic coupling structure to ensure that the data transmission, signal is more stable 7, insulation or heating jacketed 8, vertical, horizontal, all kinds of installation method is more suitable for different occasions of 9 medium flow measurement, suitable for small diameter and low flow velocity 10, reliable operation, less maintenance, long service life of 11, for the straight pipe section 12, wide flow rate not high demand is larger than even the 3, double row liquid crystal display, optional site, according to the instantaneous/cumulative flow with backlit, uniaxial sensitive indicator 14 to 15, non-contact magnetic coupling transmission 16, all-metal structure, suitable for high temperature and high pressure and strong corrosive medium, 17, 18 can be used in inflammable and explosive dangerous places, choose two wire, battery, ac power supply way 19, 20, parameter calibration function with data recovery, data backup and power-fail protection function

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