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Large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter safety comprehensive analysis

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-06
Large diameter electromagnetic flowmeter safety comprehensive analysis: the water supply industry is based on flowmeter large-caliber flowmeter, industrial production situation of water meter diameter are not small, civil cases only in shunt to every household will use small mechanical or electronic water meter. Before the recent years, with the further development of the science and technology, traditional flow measurement devices have been withdrawn from the market, the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter was gradually replaced the traditional water supply metering equipment, has become the current water supply measuring equipment for the mainstream. Two different techniques of traffic equipment has no moving parts, pressure loss is zero equipment advantage, so favored by the vast number of waterworks unit. But, choose what kind of measuring equipment, but also need to replace, according to the actual comprehensive water conditions, according to the characteristics of large diameter measurement of water supply equipment, through comprehensive comparison, recommend: for the flowmeter selection installation will be two different technical characteristics of water supply metering series flow meter installed in the same water supply lines in the same position, make the two measuring equipment supervision and management of each other, it is for the two sets of equipment for measuring flow principle is different, so will not be affected each other when tested at the same time, and then to the final test results to conduct a comprehensive analysis and research. So using electromagnetic measurement equipment and ultrasonic metering equipment installed in series is the ideal solution. After the water meter device is finally selected, then the job is to be installed and carries on the comprehensive management. In general, the installation of large diameter water supply metering device is 'a determined life', that is to say, once installed it if there are mistakes the loss will be many, the large area, on the formation of a water plant's economic framework will also be a certain impact effect. According to practical work and analysis of related literature found that the flow meter installation for common question is: in the process of installation position in the design, the designer will straight pipe before and after the meter specification requirements as the standard requirement of installation, put some could have been better to install flowmeter barely above installed in some measure the position of the poor. Both electromagnetic flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter are speed flow device, speed flow device technology is based on hypothesis to be tested is the status of the fluid flow velocity in the turbulent state, which is in accordance with the current body under the state of turbulent flow distribution curve of the data conversion out the flow of average flow velocity, and then multiplied by the pipe flow surface will draw fluid flow of standard data. If the fluid flow after timing overall flow field is not very stable, so the current distribution of the fluid and the velocity distribution in the turbulent state curve data will be different, so the flow of measuring equipment value determination will appear a certain deviation. This is speed type flowmeter has certain length requirement for straight pipe before and after. Technical personnel in the installation of traffic time, all need accurate measuring equipment detailed length of straight pipe before and after the length requirements, and at present most of the flow meter manufacturers have noticed it, to satisfy the requirements, on the flow meter appearance specifications stressed the flowmeter to the length of the straight pipe before and after. The author here assume a flowmeter installation scenarios, and the safety of the flowmeter to understand: a multi-angle analysis on a water supply pipe, if the flow meter before and after installing a valve, when the fluid flows through the valve will produce certain effect to the whole flow field, then what is the reasonable safety distance between the valve and flow meter? As we all know, different types, different type pipe flow field influence degree is different; Even determines the valve type, valve opening is not the same as the influence degree of the flow field are also quite different. So you can come to the conclusion that: the installation speed flow time, should not be set to the requirement of straight pipe before and after values, but should be under the conditions allow straight pipe length as long as possible. If only more to the actual requirement of the straight tube flowmeter installation manual, so the length of the straight pipe is normally not up to standard. The ultrasonic flow meter and ultrasonic measurement measuring gas flow rate are pointed out: the flow measurement calculation of large diameter should be based on the straight pipe length and the fluid itself choke form to determine, and then the length of the straight pipe before and after should be kept in more than five pipe diameters is ideal. But in the process of actual measurement, should focus on analysis of flow meter choke a model and fluid distribution pipe before and after the actual state. Here we should pay attention to the point that: before and after the meter length of straight pipe should be within the scope of the permit as long as possible.

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