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Introduction to the principle of balance meter, characteristics and application advantages

by:Sincerity Group     2020-10-25
An overview, porous balance flowmeter using the symmetric structure design, is one of the differential pressure flowmeter, which is developing rapidly in recent years. Balance of porous flow meter in addition to the standard throttle device with simple, reliable and safe. Widely applicable, etc, but also has high precision, low straight pipe, range than wide, and the advantages of small pressure loss of the *; Also overcome the standard throttle device sundry stranded, jam and edge higher shortcoming easy to wear, maintenance and calibration cost, has a broad development prospects. Second, porous balance flowmeter measurement principle to follow the law of fluid mechanics and Bernoulli's equation, the coefficient of flow meter, sensor porous pore diameter hole location, shape, design and quantity through the research and development of unique data calculation, and the working conditions were optimized, the measurement accuracy, repeatability, span ratio, pressure loss of the * such as comprehensive index to achieve better ZUI, become more advanced differential pressure flowmeter at present. Three characteristics, 3. 1 high porous symmetrical balance flowmeter measurement precision design, make the flow field in balance, can basically eliminated only one orifice throttling the dead zone effect, and vortex pressure area is reduced greatly, in mouth to pick up the differential pressure signal SNR greatly improve: reduced vibration, improve the stability, sensor detection accuracy is greatly improved, can reach 0. 5% accuracy. 3. 2 short straight pipe required porous balance meter symmetrical design, flow field can be fast rectifier to approximate the ideal body, straight pipe rectifier without too much. Compared with other types of differential pressure flowmeter, requirement for straight pipe before and after small, straight pipe required for 1 - before installation After 3 d, straight pipe required for 0. 5 - 1D。 3. Porous balance meter structure design pressure loss of the 3 * no dead zone effect, under the condition of the same differential pressure value, can bring the standard orifice plate for flow dead zone thirst * 2 - pressure loss decreased Three times, to save a lot of devices running in the process of fluid conveying energy. 1: standard orifice 2: balance of porous flow meter to balance the flow meter, has the momentum and kinetic energy correction factor can be calculated. But due to the fluid of standard orifice, eddy current is big, the momentum and kinetic energy correction factor calculation can't be, therefore, cannot achieve the kinetic energy and momentum balance, lower the precision. Figure 1 is the standard orifice plate and balance the distribution of flow meter. 3. 4 porous balance meter wide range measurement limitation of standard throttle device, can be flexible according to the flow characteristics of structure design. With a transmitter range ratio 10:1 ( Sensor ZUI high around 30:1) Widened, Reynolds number to 200 ~ 10000 high flow speed section of throttling characteristic is better. 3. 5 good stability of porous balance flowmeter in the downstream of the eddy current is small, thus the signal stability is good. Other types of throttling device in throttling after the formation of the vortex is longer, a high amplitude, low frequency wave signal, the signal will cause interference to the value of differential pressure transmitter. 3. 6 measurable smudgy porous medium balance meter balance design, reduces the turbulent shear stress and the formation of eddy current, thus greatly reduce the phenomenon of the stranded dead area, ensure pore smudgy medium can smoothly through the multiple, reduce the chance of a fluid hole blocked. 3. 7 two-way flow detection structure design of porous flow meter to gas liquid two phase, slurry, containing a small amount of solid granules medium measurement. Structure on the straight hole in both directions, or so completely symmetrical, convenient measurement of bidirectional flow. Throttling a breakthrough the limitation of the standard orifice plate thickness, safer than standard orifice plate structure, long service life. 3. 8 porous balance flowmeter is a kind of energy-saving energy-saving design differential pressure flowmeter, the concrete manifestation is: a, owing to the high accuracy of measurement, so can make use of measurement, thus saving the loss of trade settlement caused by inaccurate measurement. B, because of the pressure loss is small, so saving energy in the process of conveying medium, thereby greatly saving the cost; C, short straight pipe required, save the process piping materials and construction costs; D, long-term stability operation, no edge wear and prolong the verification cycle, save the test fee. Generally divided into four, classification of porous balance flowmeter clamping type, flange, welding type, according to the specific circumstances in different way of connection. Balance of porous flow meter installation, use and maintenance convenience simple, safe and reliable, widely used in all kinds of liquid, gas, steam gas and liquid flow measurement of mixed media, two-way flow medium. Large diameter range, from DN15 - DN3000 range, medium temperature can reach 600 ℃, precision up to 0. 5%. Five, the summary balance meter much improvement on the traditional throttling device, has a balance of rectifier characteristics significantly. Traditional throttling device is only one aperture, throttling after the balance of fluid lost ideal state and flow meter aperture has multiple functions, can the ZUI big rectifier into ideal fluid flow field in balance, thus the advantage of the differential pressure flowmeter play very well. Balance measurement meter is suitable for almost all fluid is a fluid measurement technology revolution, the current balance flowmeter has been widely applied to petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, gas, water treatment and other industries.
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