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Intelligent vortex flow meter scale what items should be checked before use

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-19
Abstract: the intelligent vortex flow meter scale what items should be checked before using information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Intelligent measuring principle of vortex flowmeters is set in the fluid body vortex occurs, in the event of a body can produce regular alternately on both sides of the vortex, downstream asymmetric vortex column in spiral body is arranged, is known as the karman vortex street, vortex street will produce certain. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the intelligent vortex flow meter scale what matters article details should be checked before use. Intelligent measuring principle of vortex flowmeters is set in the fluid body vortex occurs, in the event of a body can produce regular alternately on both sides of the vortex, downstream asymmetric vortex column in spiral body is arranged, the so-called & other; Karman vortex street & throughout; , vortex street can produce a certain frequency, through formula f = v/St * ( 1 - 1. 27 D / D) *d,( St to strouhal number, as the dimensionless number, associated with spiral body and Reynolds number; V as the velocity of flow; D to happen right against the face width; D for the nominal diameter) Can be concluded that the velocity. Intelligent vortex flowmeter, mainly used for industrial piping medium fluid flow measurement. Such as gas, liquid and vapor, and other media. Is characterized by small pressure loss, wide range, high precision, working condition of the measurement volume flow is almost not affected by the fluid density, the influence of the parameters such as pressure, temperature, viscosity. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability, small amount of maintenance. Intelligent flowmeters parameters can be long-term stability. This instrument USES piezoelectric stress sensor, high reliability, can be in - The working temperature of 10 ℃ ~ + 300 ℃ within the scope of work. There are standard signal simulation and digital pulse signal output, easy with a computer digital systems, such as a more advanced, the ideal flowmeter. Generally speaking, vortex street flowmeter output signal, Frequency) Is not affected by changes of fluid physical properties, and component, is refers to the instrument coefficient only involved in the body shape and size as well as the Reynolds number vortex. Its advantages are: simple structure and firm, easy installation and maintenance; Suitable for many kinds of fluid, liquid, gas, steam, and partially miscible phase all apply; Accuracy is higher, general & plusmn; About 1% R; Wide flow range and can reach 10:1 or those days or more; Small head loss; No zero drift; The price is relatively cheap; Defect is: not suitable for low Reynolds number Re < 20000, with high viscosity, low flow velocity, and the use of small diameter limit; On the environment of the demand is higher, should try to put an end to the places where the vibration, and the straight pipe upstream side need to have a longer; Less meter coefficient is low, the greater the diameter. To reduce the signal resolution, it shoulds not be too great caliber, commonly used in DN15 ~ DN300mm. Vortex street flowmeter what precautions before install and use, this article made a brief introduction for you. A, no signal output online detection sensor and sensor signal output, check the probe connection and amplified board has not been found that the problem, break down big board check there is no problem. Still no signal after reinstalling. Tapping amplification board, found that the signal, then conclude that enlarge virtual connect plate component, check the solder joints, welding, and installation, commissioning, normal. In the process of inspection, debugging, found that the sensor installed on the pipeline, and display instrument is installed in the control room, the two not only distance, and division, adjust the sensor when cannot see directly from the display instrument commissioning. Second, the adjustment of the sensitivity of intelligent flowmeters has adjustment and calibration before leaving the factory, but as a result of calibration medium and the actual medium is different, different calibration medium and the actual conditions, or use the unit to provide technical parameters is not very accurate, so the installation time to adjust for the first time. 1. When there is no fluid flow in the pipeline, should be no signal display instrument, such as signal output, high sensitivity, light adjustable potentiometer sensitivity to counterclockwise, reduce the sensitivity. 2. When a medium in the pipeline, or unstable signal, the light can adjust magnification potentiometer, the increase/decrease. Three, the choice of compensation device and install the use of intelligent flowmeters, shall generally be in smooth flow, temperature and pressure under the condition of little change measurement is accurate, but the actual usage is often not ideal, so we need compensation device. There are two kinds of compensation device, namely, pressure compensation and temperature compensation. 1. Pressure compensation. Pressure transmitter is more sensitive, but the price is higher, installed on the sensor, the downstream, install a distance of 1 d to 2 d. 2. Temperature compensation. Due to temperature compensation with the thermocouple or heat resistance, response time, but the price is low, when installation should be in the upper sensor, and the vertical position or counter-current installation, a distance of 3 d to 4 d. Four, the use of simple adjustment for general intelligent flowmeters is continuous, problems arise can't remove the check, here is introduced a method of on-line inspection, this method is applicable to the riot. Oscilloscope used to check after calibration, the oscilloscope wiring hook and line, into the ground and ground, adjust the oscilloscope, shall have the uniform of a square wave pulse signal. General manufacturer in the instruction for use in both high and low level output regulation, from the oscilloscope display square wave v whether value view is consistent with the specified value. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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