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by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-30
Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter in the process of using, may appear all sorts of problems, different fault phenomenon and the cause of the problem is different, the following we will introduce the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter for everyone common questions. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter common problems: 1, the electrode corrosion failure reason: due to the improper choice of electrode material and electrode was measured by liquid corrosion, resulting in flowmeter output shaking. 2, the bubbles in the liquid in the liquid suction from the outside world and the formation of the gas bubble of gases dissolved in the liquid into two ways YouLiZhuang bubbles. If the larger bubbles in the liquid, because grazed electrode can cover the entire electrode, make traffic signal input circuit transient open circuit, lead to shake the output signal. 3, lining deformation lining deformation, electromagnetic flowmeter occurs mostly in fluorine plastic lining, the causes of this phenomenon has two kinds: one is caused by steam osmosis fluorine plastic lined thermal diffusion phenomenon, the so-called thermal diffusion medium through the fluorine plastic lining when the pipe is what happens when the nature of physical phenomena, is usually the degree of infiltration mainly depend on the type of lining material, liquid and steam, the thickness of the lining, temperature difference between inside and outside the lining and pipe pressure, and other factors. 4, there is no traffic signal output intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter flow signal output, could be a power failure; Connecting cable system fault; Liquid flow status of the fault; Sensor components damaged or measuring wall adhesion layer cause the failure of; Converter fault components damage.
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