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Instrumentation products export tax rebates, export volume is expected to grow

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-06
China's Ministry of Finance has issued a 'about improving the mechanical and electrical notice, refined petroleum products and other products of export tax rebates. Involving a large number of instrument instrumentation products, export tax rebates are up to 17%. Notice will come into effect on November 1, 2016. Involved according to the notice, the export tax rebates to ascend instrumentation products include pressure/differential pressure transmitter, measuring, testing instruments and devices, measurement instruments and devices, measurement or testing of gas flow of gas in addition to the flow, pressure variation of instruments and other devices, gas or smoke analyzer, using the optical rays of other instrument and device, integrated circuit production rule sets with helium mass spectrometry, mass spectrometry instrument and other mass spectrometers, light meter and other physical and chemical analysis instruments and devices, single phase induction watthour meter, three phase induction watthour meter, single phase electronic ( Static type) Electricity meter, three-phase electronic type ( Static type) Electricity meter, other watt-hour meter and other electricity meter, thermostat and barostat. Have enterprise, points out that 'in the current many orders under the trend of shift to southeast Asia, for export company with independent brand, increase product export tax rebates can expand the export share of the company's products. A rise in export tax rebates for the company is a good thing. The company's exports this year is expected to achieve 10% year-on-year growth, will continue to maintain steady rising momentum next year. 'The personage inside course of study points out, under the background of the current foreign trade development is facing difficulties, which helps to protect our country foreign trade commodities fair competition in the international arena, so as to improve the export competitiveness of China's commodity, highlights the national stable foreign trade situation, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading of the determination. Export tax rebates is the actual tax refund of export goods and the ratio between the tax basis. It is a central part of the export tax rebate, reflect national economic policy over a period of time, reflect the actual tax level of export goods, tax rebates is determined according to the actual tax burden of the export goods, at the same time, the investigation principle and the combination of the macroeconomic regulation and control principle.
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