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Instrument maintenance difficulties, through to do a good instrument!

by:Sincerity Group     2021-01-04
Abstract: instrument maintenance difficulties, through the can do a good instrument! Information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Instrument working is very complex, and bitter and tired, complained about the sky. Why instrument people always feel aggrieved? Why fewer people when the leadership of special instrument? Why the instrument work do forever, just a little, you didn't catch the focus of the instrument. The instrument work daily. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is a instrument maintenance difficulties, through the can do a good instrument! The article details. Instrument working is very complex, and bitter and tired, complained about the sky. Why instrument people always feel aggrieved? Why fewer people when the leadership of special instrument? Why the instrument work do forever, just a little, you didn't catch the focus of the instrument. Instrument of daily work, is the instrument drive, parking and daily maintenance, embodies the thought of prevention first, total quality management to ensure the normal operation of the instrument. Instrument daily work is as follows: an instrument, circuit inspection process workers generally have their own instrument maintenance area, their jurisdiction according to their jurisdiction area distribution, determine the inspection tour route, Tours of inspection at least once a day. Tours of inspection main content: 1, to shift personnel understand the instrument operation process. 2, check the instrument, the record is normal, an instrument ( Transmitter) Instructions and control room display instrument, DCS operation station are consistent, indicating value adjustment circuit and output regulator valve position. 3, check the 24 v power supply output is normal ( Output voltage obviously abnormal) of the light is dim Air pressure whether reach the requirements ( 0. 14MP,0. 35 mp, etc. ) 。 Electric regulator power supply voltage and torque is normal 4, check the instrument insulation heating conditions ( Mainly in the winter) Temperature, with her hands. 5, check the instrument noumenon and fittings damage and corrosion situation, including flexible pipe connection is loose and broken. 6, check the instrument and process interface leak. 7, outdoor instrument to add protective measures in time for the poor environment, check the protection status, to do without damage loss. 8, view alarm interlocking device, ensure equipment in good condition. Regularly test interlock alarm function, and do the test record 9, view the instrument in good condition. Second, regular blowdown, refueling process with the sharp increase of automation level, number of pneumatic actuators and the surge of so routine maintenance air treatment equipment regular blowdown, come on. Air treatment equipment commonly used components: 1, filter, filter the air of solid impurities and moisture, providing clean some of the compressed air. ( 1) Manual drainage, when the water level reaches filter before next level must discharge; ( 2) Clean up the filter ( Soak, scrub, back) Or replace the filter element. More impurities will not breathe freely. 2, pressure reducer, lower and stable air pressure of compressed air. Regulating pressure should be gradually evenly transferred to the required value, should not be one pace reachs the designated position. You won't have to maintain trouble-free. 3, oil mist device, to the gas, gas facilities add oil mist, lubrication equipment. Come on, adjust the drip speed, the top has a can twist is used to adjust the drip speed. Amount to no more than eight full cup. 4, daily maintenance: if there is an air leak and air treatment equipment is not normal, to try to deal with sealed or replace. Three, regular lubrication, anticorrosive process regular lubrication, corrosion and a content of the instrument work routine maintenance, but tend to ignore in the specific work. Lubrication cycle shall be determined according to the specific situation. Need periodic lubrication and corrosion instrument and components are as follows: 1, CAM flexure pneumatic valve, pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, electric actuator moving parts; 2, protection, heat preservation box door shaft, the bolt connection box. 3 fixed transmitter, poor environment, regulating valve, valve positioner, electrical converter bolt, nut, to prevent thread corrosion, disassembling difficult. 4, under the bad environment valve positioner feedback rod rotating parts. 5, under the bad environment thermal resistance and thermocouple junction box cover bolts or threaded part. 6, flexible tube under bad environment and instrument connections. Four, anti-freezing inspection process inspection instrument anti-freezing measures, is one of the content of the instrument daily maintenance work, it is related to energy saving, to prevent freezing, ensure the normal operation of instrument measurement system, is one of instrument maintenance can not be ignored. The work in the seasonally strong, mainly to check the gas holder transfeeder guide medium whether abnormal pressure tube, thermal insulation material out, view of individual insulation meter must be heating heating, and stop tracing in time according to the weather conditions, is to freeze and to ensure the instrument work normally. Five fault handling, fault processing is an important part of the instrument daily maintenance and troubleshooting to fast and effective, serious, no hidden trouble, can't handle the problem timely communication, coordination processing. Fault handling need instrument personnel of active learning and experience, to provide 'open parking notice' ( Attachments) The daily maintenance for reference. Instrument when dealing with fault and instrument maintenance personnel must be safe *, cannot appear phenomenon of personal safety and affect the normal operation of production, must establish the idea of security *, maintenance must be familiar with the process, before which instrument equipment must be open and technology personnel after allowing and under technological personnel supervision. To avoid safety accident. Field instrument system failure analysis of the basic processing step field instrument measuring parameters are generally divided into temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level four parameters.
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