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Installation of vortex flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-03

installation of vortex flowmeters note: 1, special flange and straight pipe welding, should remove sensor, must not with sensor welding flange. 2, before the installation of sensor and the flange must be put away in sealing ring grooves. 3, apply pressure and temperature measuring points, should be used on the downstream side of the sensor respectively 3 ~ 5 dn and 6 ~ 8 dn.

1, the high temperature thermal insulation pipe processing, do not use sensors wrapped up, lest cause damage. 2, the connection cable to vortex street flowmeter, should as far as possible away from the interference of strong electromagnetic field. With the high voltage cable laying should never be allowed/tolerated. Shielded cable should be shortened as far as possible, the maximum length of not more than 500 meters, and shall not volume, in order to reduce stray inductance.

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