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Installation methods commonly used outside the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-07

the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter before installation should choose pipe dense part sensors installed in the first place, then install the pipe outside to sensor area clean, remove rust paint, rust layer should also be removed, if any, had better use Angle grinding machine polishing, again with a clean dishcloth dips in acetone or alcohol to wipe the grease and dirt, and then to install sensors around the center of the tube wall coated with enough special ultrasonic coupling agent, finally put the sensor to bundle on pipe wall, must pay attention to in the post good cannot be free of bubbles and gravel between sensor and the tube wall. V method installation: in general, V method is a standard installation, use convenient, measurement accuracy, when the installation of two sensors horizontal alignment, the center line of the level to the pipe axis, pipe diameter range for DN15mm - can be obtained DN400mm。 Installation: Z method when the pipeline is very thick or because there are a suspended in the liquid and tube wall scaling factors of the lining is too thick or too thick, causing V method to install the signal is weak, the machine doesn't work, you need to choose the Z method of installation. Z method is characteristic of ultrasonic transmission directly in the pipeline, there is no reflection ( Called ChanShengCheng) , the signal attenuation is small. The Z method measurable range of pipe diameter is 100 mm to 6000 mm. Actual installation, it is suggested that more than 200 mm pipes to choose method of Z ( This measured signal maximum) 。

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