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Installation and maintenance of water meter scale

by:Sincerity Group     2020-11-09
Abstract: the water meter scale installation and maintenance of information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. The installation of water meter installation need to pay attention to the following requirements: ( 1) To ensure that the equipment installation site no dramatic difference in temperature, ensure good ventilation environment, avoid contact with strong corrosive gas. ( 2) Can be installed in not easy to cause electromagnetic interference environment. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is water meter scale installation and maintain article details. The installation of water meter installation need to pay attention to the following requirements: ( 1) To ensure that the equipment installation site no dramatic difference in temperature, ensure good ventilation environment, avoid contact with strong corrosive gas. ( 2) Can not be installed in easy to cause electromagnetic interference environment, otherwise it will cause the accuracy of measurement error. ( 3) Measured the flow of liquid at the time of installation must be consistent with the tap water meter arrow mark, if it is found that flow with the tag, mainly in the reverse direction to that of 180 degrees, at this point you will need to modify the flowmeter parameter Settings to adjust direction of installation errors caused by the reverse flow problems. ( 4) Installed in the piping needs to be in strict accordance with the relevant requirements ( As shown in figure 3, figure 4) Carry on. Figure 3 in 1) Said bamboo nominal diameter, flow meter at the time of installation, can be water, vertical, or horizontal line into any Angle ( As shown in figure 4) , but installation must ensure that the liquid to be tested when flowing through the pipe to pipe full immersion flowmeter two electrodes, and leave to meet maintenance space. From the two pictures of figure 4 can see clearly that the correct installation method must be in fluid filled pipe through the pipeline, such ability can guarantee two electrodes immersed in a liquid, the exact measurements. Flowmeter installation requires good interference suppression systems, including shielding and grounding techniques. Flowmeter induction signal voltage is low, industrial site and environment in the source is varied, both external interference, or interference from internal, will cause flowmeter signal interference, so flowmeter benchmark potential must be the same as the measured liquid. Import water meter adopts dual frequency excitation, obtained the high frequency signal and low frequency signal, The former is not affected by the slurry noise interference, the latter have superior stability of zero) And by different digital filter select sign kind of component parts, calculation, get the stable output signal. Tap water meter maintenance maintenance of water meter is mainly daily maintenance and check regularly. Flowmeter of zero flow show that the general flow meter itself is relatively small, mainly in the flow meter on the pipeline valve is not open, or the check valve failure problems caused by pipe impassability, excluding factors caused by zero flow valve, the LED panel display, you can check meter 220 v power supply is normal, and the flow meter amplifier circuit board inside the fuse is burnt. Under normal operation of power supply and fuse, use hand BT200 flowmeter ( As shown in figure 5) Liquid products or LED panel operations. Use the white diagnosis function of the flow meter ( self check) Check whether the meter is in GOOD condition, if show GOOD said flowmeter work. If appear, ERROL need to replace the amplifier circuit board since the diagnosis. You can also use the TEST tests amplifier circuit board is working correctly. If you have any display or LED panel on site BT200 hand operator can read real-time traffic data, but it can't display data DCS, then need to check the flow meter output signal ( Pulse or current) 。 Output current signal, for example, if the output signal can use multimeter test, then testing into DCS module connection, if there is a signal input module, did check upper machine for flow meter range setting. If the meter please detect current signal on the board, you need to change the output board. If flow fluctuation of the flow meter, the first thing to check whether the grounding is good, the liquid is really full of pipes, the dynamic control valve with a white at the same time also check whether the valve works normally. More than hot water circulating water flow meter, flow meter sewage flowmeter flowmeter is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me factory flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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