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Install the orifice meter note 6

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-16
Orifice meter installation considerations are the following: 1. The pressure in the upper pipe best gas, Liquid pressure under side but don't in the right, sedimentary grains can be take pressure; The pressure in the tube side steam words, 2. Orifice direction don't wrong, the '+' is positive, '. . . 'As a negative,' + 'is against the direction of the fluid to come over. 3. Take the positive and negative pressure mouth of guide pipe under any circumstances to keep parallel; 4. Orifice is generally going to cooperate with differential pressure transmitter, pressure guide tube connected to the differential pressure transmitter when the note is negative pressure don't put wrong, the 'H' is positive, 'L' is negative; 5. Measuring gas differential pressure device advice from the top of the pipe, the liquid on the lower part of pipeline, measuring steam if there is one with the cooling tank, should maintain the cooling tank on the same horizontal height. 6. Straight pipe requirements, in accordance with the requirements of calculation to calculate the installing a orifice plate before and after the straight pipe length, usually for the first 20 d after 10 d to pack ( D refers to the orifice diameter) The throttling device.

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