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Infrared communication circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-28
Technical background by the ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit and ultrasonic flowmeter flow display and cumulative system of three parts. Ultrasonic transmitting transducer converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, and launch it to the flow in the body, the receiver, the received ultrasonic signal amplified by electronic circuit and converted to represent the flow of electrical supply display and integrating instrument for display and integrating. Thus to achieve the traffic detection and display. Mainly used in ultrasonic flowmeter signal transmission circuit for infrared communication circuit, the infrared communication circuit generally do not take anti-interference processing, the infrared communication USES a photosensitive diode circuit to communicate or light activated triode, infrared compared to the sun or incandescent lamps, etc. Both have strong infrared, they can directly is photosensitive diode or light activated triode conduction, so as to make the method triode conduction. So if you don't do this with anti-interference, ultrasonic flowmeter in the sun or sometimes cannot communicate under the radiation of incandescent lamp, this will affect the normal use of ultrasonic flowmeter. Content of the utility model in view of the above shortcomings of the existing technology, the utility model aims to provide an incandescent light bulbs, which can effectively prevent sunlight or interfere with the infrared communication circuit. And other related purposes in order to achieve the above purpose, the utility model provides a kind of infrared communication circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter, including signal transmission circuit and the signal receiving circuit, signal circuit described in a photodiode, described in the reception is equipped with a second photosensitive diode circuits, described * photosensitive diode, the second photosensitive diode optical coupling, described in the anode resistance by * * photosensitive diode connected to the signal input end, described * photosensitive diode cathode grounding, as described in the second photodiode anode through the second resistance grounding, described the second photosensitive diode cathode through the third resistor connected to the power supply, as described in the second photodiode anode is described by * capacitor connected to the transistor's base triode emitter grounding, described by the fourth resistor connected to the power supply in the collector of a transistor. Triode base is described by the fifth resistor connected with the third resistor, transistor's base, through the sixth grounding resistance. Power through a third resistance is connected with a voltage stabilizing filter circuit, voltage filtering circuit including the capacitance and the third capacitor, the second capacitor, the third capacitor in parallel with a third resistor connected at one end, after the other end of the earth. Described above, the utility model of the infrared communication circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter has the following advantages: the communication circuit between the second photosensitive diode and triode base set up * capacitance, * capacitance can have the effect of direct current partition, so that when the second photosensitive diode received sun or incandescent light produced by the direct current (dc) are * capacitance partition, won't produce voltage this transistor's base, so there are not conducting triode, only when having signal input pulse signal input transistor conduction, realize signal transmission circuit and the communication between the signal receiving circuit, thus the communication circuit which can effectively prevent the sun or other light interference with communication signals, can guarantee the communication on the rails in any environment, ensure the normal order of the ultrasonic flowmeter can be used. Figure 1 illustrated instructions for the infrared communication circuitry components for ultrasonic flowmeter label description: photosensitive diode D4, * : D5, the second photosensitive diode: R11, * resistance: R27, second resistance: R22, third resistance: R15, fourth resistance: the R28, fifth resistance: R29, 6 resistance: Q1, triode: C22, * capacitance: C17, second capacitance: C18, third capacitance. The infrared communication circuit for ultrasonic flowmeter under specific implementation way through specific example explains the implementation of the utility model, the field technicians can be revealed by this manual easily understand the content of the other advantages of the utility model and efficacy. The utility model can also be through the different specific implementation way to implement or other applications, the details of this manual can also be based on different views and application, with no departure from the spirit of the utility model under various modification or change. Please refer to figure 1. To be sure, this example provided here is only to signal in the way the basic idea of this utility model, then show only the schema in the related to this utility model of the components, rather than according to the actual implementation of the component number, drawing size and shape, the actual implementation of components of the type, quantity and proportion can be a random change, and its component layout pattern may also be more complex.
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