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In the application of the advantages of bend flow meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-07-31

( 1) Simple structure, reasonable price bend elbow flowmeter is essentially a ninety - degree standards, this is the simplest flow sensor structure, to find out the flow measurement device in than it is more simple, more practical measuring element. With the development of pipe bending mechanical processing industry and industry standardization, the standardized management of constantly improve, bend sensor processing quality will be better and better, more reasonable prices, more easily accepted by users. ( 2) Without any insert or throttling parts, without additional pressure loss, can greatly reduce the power consumption of the liquid in the pipe transportation, save energy; ( 3) Can be measured easily dirt, block the sensor's fluid heating system of circulating water quality is poorer, steel, metallurgical furnace, coke oven gas and other media are also very smudgy, general flow meter is very difficult to adapt. Bend sensor without insert and throttling parts, no problems for these medium to its adaptability, even long running can guarantee the normal work of the bend flow meter, ensure the accuracy of measurement is not affected. ( 4) High precision, good repeatability, 0. 2%) ( 5) Bend sensor wear resistance, long running free maintenance bend sensor wear resistance is one of the important condition to ensure long-term high accuracy measurement flow, the bent pipe flowmeter has the incomparable advantage. Because of wear resistance and bend sensor performance unchanged for a long time, so the general welding method is used to bend sensor installation, completely solve the field problem such as run, run, drip, leak, both to reduce the workload of maintenance, but also save energy. ( 6) Strong adaptability, wide range of range as long as it is can use the orifice plate, vortex street, velocity-equalizing tube flowmeter fluid flow measurement can be used for the pipe bend flow meter to measure, and in high temperature, high pressure resistance, resistance to vibration, resistant to moisture, dust, etc. , elbow flowmeter is much better than the common flow meter. Span a wide range, on the one hand, refers to the range than the elbow flowmeter can be up to now, for steam or other medium, its scope of application of 5 & ndash; 120m/s; Scope of application of 0 for the liquid medium. 3 - 5m/s。 Here refers to the velocity range without restrictions, if there is no limit to the limit velocity of measured medium, the velocity range can also be increased. Conversely, if use the low differential pressure differential pressure transmitter in high precision, low flow velocity of the fluid limit can be made smaller, The scene of the bend flow meter application range has reached more than 1:20) 。 Span a wide range of on the other hand refers to bend sensor geometry size is almost no limit, pipe diameter can be from 10 mm to 2 meters of above, this is for the average flow sensor is not easy to do, even if can do it, its price difference is staggering. ( 7) Not strict straight pipe straight pipe section is not strict and bend flow meter in the field use is important one of the advantages of. General the flow measurement device for the straight pipe cannot meet the requirements and cannot be measured or does not guarantee its accuracy of measurement, the user big nerve-racking. Bend flow meter because of its special measuring principle of straight pipe in the actual use is relaxed, just before 5 d after 2 d ( In extreme cases before the optional 2 d, 2 d after the precision will be slightly down) 。 ( 8) Secondary instrument function is all ready, both single way according to measurement of parameters such as flow, temperature, pressure, is specially designed for heating industry development of multi-channel measurement and can monitor the implementation of heat and high precision combination instrument.

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