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Impact analysis of the causes of scale roots gas flowmeter measurement accuracy

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-30
Abstract: the reasons influencing the accuracy of the roots gas flowmeter scale metrological analysis information produced by excellent flow meter, flow meter manufacturer to offer you the quotation. Abstract: the roots gas flowmeter is widely used for gas metering industry, greatly increased as the gas penetration, flowmeter metering accuracy has increasingly become the focus of attention. In this paper, the reasons influencing the accuracy of the roots gas flowmeter measurement points. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, here is the reason influencing the accuracy of the roots gas flowmeter scale metrological analysis for details. Roots gas flowmeter is widely used for gas metering industry, as the natural gas penetration rate greatly increased, the accuracy of the flowmeter metering has increasingly become the focus of attention. In this paper, the reasons influencing the accuracy of the roots gas flowmeter measurement are analyzed. Key words: measurement, flow meter, accuracy 1 roots gas flowmeter principle roots gas flowmeter belongs to the volumetric gas flow meter, it has high measurement accuracy, flexible installation, save a space. Roots gas flowmeter is mainly composed of measuring room, conjugate rotor and counting device etc. In measuring the interior of a pair of conjugate rotor in circulation gas gateway differential pressure ( P into & gt; P) Under the action of, two rotor rotational torque under alternately. Rotor each roll a week, four times the output measuring room effective volume of the gas, the revolutions of the rotor by coupling magnetic seal device and retarding mechanism, passed to the mechanical counter, which displays the output of the gas volume flow rate. The measurement process and working principle as shown in figure 1 ( In the figure only expressed a quarter cycle) 。 Figure 1 roots gas flowmeter principle figure 2 several factors affecting the accuracy of flowmeter it is not hard to see from the principle, affect the accuracy of flowmeter metering key-module mainly measuring room and rotor, the two parts machining accuracy directly affect the assembly after the flowmeter metering accuracy. Our factory before forming milling cutter is used to process the rotor, as a result, the effect is not good, manufactured the symmetry of the rotor and the difference between a, so we keep on measuring accuracy of 1. Level 5, it's hard to improve. Then all adopt the processing center processing, guarantees the rotor and the degree of symmetry of measuring room. In addition, the rotor dynamic balance is key factor of each rotor processing after the completion of more or less exist unbalance, and the amount of unbalance is main effect commonly flowmeter of the flow, will affect the measurement accuracy of the small flow rate. Synchronous gear machining precision influence flowmeter metering accuracy and runtime of the noise, the two conjugate rotor synchronous gear's role is to ensure that no matter to any Angle can keep a certain gap. The clearance between the two rotor varies depending on the flow meter diameter, general small diameter flowmeter in 0. 1 mm or so, large diameter remain at 0. About 4 mm. Clearance directly affect the accuracy of measurement: the size of the gap is big, gas through the more clearance loss, which reduces the flowmeter metering accuracy, however, relatively large particles of impurities in the gas can also through the gap, no measurement. On the other hand, the small gap, gas quantity is less, loss through clearance flowmeter measurement accuracy is increased, large particles of impurities is not easy to through the gap, resulting in the flowmeter card table, flow meter cannot work normally. The selection of standard parts can also affect the flow measurement accuracy, zui is main bearing in the standard parts, our main choose SKF, NSK bearings imported. In order to reduce the flow of traffic, the dust cover is poking at the end of the bearing, the grease inside the bearing will wash out, because the grease in the bearing in the process of the rotational damping is produced. In flow meter in use process, USES the splash lubrication way for bearing lubrication, the bearing heat in time, extend the service life of bearing. The above is the analysis of the flow meter itself parts the effects on the flowmeter metering accuracy, in the process of actual operation there are many other conditions affect for the measurement of the flow meter. Basically has the following several aspects: 1) High pressure measurement of low pressure gas. Is to optimally suited to high pressure pipeline installation, and then through the voltage regulator, voltage regulator YongQiHu gas in low pressure pipeline, when the low pressure pipeline YongQiHu little gas, according to the gas state equation, the temperature there is not much difference, low pressure pipe flow of small flow back to the high pressure pipe will be smaller, and even the flow short of flowmeter of the flow. Meter does not count. So will cause large measurement error. 2) Unreasonable pipeline design may cause large measurement error. Figure 2 for the actual pipe installation diagram, two parallel pipeline, when director net gas, in charge of the manual valve closed. Flowmeter metering is normal, when in charge of the network also gas, manual valve is opened, as a result of the main gas by part for diffluence, can make the pressure drop inside the main line, the no. 1 meter table in front of the pressure less than the pressure of after table, reversal of the flow meter, flow meter and cumulative flow, caused the double measurement.
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