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How to install more accurate steam flow meter scale

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-09
Abstract: how to install more accurate information by the steam flow meter scale excellent flow meter, flow meter production manufacturers to provide you with quotation. Mainly involves the following aspects: 1, the flowmeter selection problems. Some vortex sensor on diameter selection or due to changes in process conditions after the design selection, make choose big - a specification, the calibre of the actual selection should choose as small as possible, in order to. More flow meter manufacturers choose model price quote you are welcome to inquire, below is the steam flow meter scale details how to install more accurate articles. Mainly involves the following aspects: 1, the flowmeter selection problems. Some vortex sensor on diameter selection or due to changes in process conditions after the design selection, make the choice - a specification, the calibre of the actual selection should choose as small as possible, in order to improve the accuracy of measurement, the reasons are mainly related to the problem (1), (3), 6. The process condition change is only temporary. Can be combined with the parameters of setting to improve accuracy of instructions. 2, vortex street flowmeter installation problems. Mainly sensor of the straight pipe length is insufficient, affect measurement accuracy, its reason mainly related to the problem (1). Such as: straight pipe in front of the flow sensor, because FIC203 not used for metering, only used for control and hence the accuracy of the now can use equivalent to degrade. 3, parameter setting direction. Parameter error makes the secondary instrument full frequency calculation error, its reason mainly related to problem (1), (3). Full frequency phase almost makes instructions are not allowed to be for a long time, the actual full frequency gets calculation of full frequency makes indicates wide fluctuations, readings, and data inconsistency and influenced the parameters of zui eventually determined, zui end parameters was determined by the calibration compared with each other again, to solve the problem. 4, secondary instrument malfunction. This part of the fault is more, including: an instrument circuit board has break line, range set individual shows bad, K coefficient set individual shows bad, make uncertain range setting and K coefficient setting, this part mainly to the relevant problem (1), (2). With the appropriate repair of fault, the problem is resolved. Five, four line connection problem. Part of the loop line connection is very good on the surface, and check carefully, some loose joint has actually led to the suspension of circuits, although some joint connection is tight but due to line problem tighten screw fastening on the line of leather, also makes the circuit interruption, this part is mainly related to problem (2). Solve the problem of the corresponding line, existing problem and corresponding solution. 6 secondary instrument, the vortex street flowmeter and the subsequent instrument connection issue. Due to the subsequent instrument problems or as a result of the subsequent instrument maintenance, the secondary instrument of mA output circuit interruption, for this type of secondary instrument, this part mainly related to problem (2). Especially for the subsequent recorder, in the case of recorder damaged beyond repair for a long time, it is important to note that the short after the output of the secondary instrument. 7, due to secondary instrument flat shaft cable fault loop always without instructions. Because of long running, and is affected by the dust, causing shaft cable fault, clean or replace flat through wires, axis to solve problems. 8, for question 7 is mainly due to the secondary instrument display meter coil fixed screw loose, causing header sinking, Pointers and surface friction, action is ineffective, and fixed by adjusting the header, corresponding solution. 9, flowmeter using the environment problems. Especially the sensor installed in the well, in part due to environmental humidity is big, cause circuit board be affected with damp be affected with damp, this part mainly related to problem (2), (2). Through the corresponding technical measures, the part of the environment of high humidity sensor to separate the sensor parts and transformation processing, to switch to the separated type sensors, so the good working environment, has this part of the instrument as well. 10, because of bad field calibration or change due to the adjustment of the actual situation of then. Or the adjustment after running for a period of time after the scene changes again, cause problems, this part mainly related to question (4), (5). Using the oscilloscope, and combining process operation, readjust. 11, today is the problem put forward alone, in a long time to affect the analysis of the problem to solve, because the eastern chemical works, conditions are not available for K coefficient calibration coefficient K can only according to the manufacturer to provide information, some changes due to the manufacturer itself, causing several data provided by no -, K coefficient on problem solving. Above is all there is in this article, you are welcome to inquire me manufacturer flowmeter selection, quotation, etc.
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