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How to do the daily maintenance of vortex flow meter

by:Sincerity Group     2020-12-13
Vortex flowmeter is a kind of speed meter, it is mainly used for industrial piping medium fluid flow measurement, such as steam, gas, liquid medium. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of vortex flowmeter, usually need to be flowmeter maintenance and maintenance. Here we say specific maintenance methods. Maintenance of vortex flowmeter are: 1, regular cleaning probe is one of the important structure, flow meter hole blocked if the probe detection, winding, packages, or other object will affect the normal measurement, lead to inaccurate results; 2, most of the moistureproof processing probe without moistureproof processing, if the use of the environment is relatively wet, or after cleaning without drying, will cause the flowmeter performance is affected by a certain, leading to dysfunctional; Periodic inspection, the use of the meter to minimize the interference of the outside world, strict inspection meter grounding and shielding condition, ensure the accuracy of flowmeter measurement. Vortex street flowmeter maintenance: 1, the use of flowmeter in daily protection, protect the lining of the flow meter, and reduce oil physical contact, avoid influencing the insulation of the flowmeter lining. At the same time avoid rigid contusion damage surface finish. 2, avoid vibration, the flowmeter has a very precise parts, if there is a strong vibration, will lead to internal deformation or fracture, and to avoid corrosive liquid flows. 3, the differential zero zero, for every 10 days or so. 4, vortex flow sensor with no moving parts, wear long running no need not often maintenance. When the measured medium is not pure or have sediment, according to the actual situation, regular cleaning the sensor. 5, overhaul vortex flow time, special protection should be good in body and probe body vortices. Did not make clear the probe body fault may, at the time of free disassembly, in order to avoid damage to the probe body or the sealing performance, leakage phenomenon caused by sensors. 6, explosion-proof vortex flow sensor field repair, does not allow charged maintenance and field use instrument, use multimeter power should not be greater than 9 VDC. 7, for the verification period of two years. The above is the daily maintenance and maintenance method of vortex flowmeter.
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