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How the turbine flowmeter selection

by:Sincerity Group     2020-08-19

( 1) Turbine meter body best selection using stainless steel material to corrosion, so explosion protection area must also be the result. ( 2) Bearing generally are carbonized tungsten, ptfe, carbon graphite three specifications: tungsten carbide has the highest precision, it as a standard component of the industrial control; Bearing's life and the square of the velocity ratio, so the velocity of the best in one third of the maximum velocity of speed is better. ( 3) Sensing probe is detecting the movement of the rotating body and put it into digital pulse signal, the electromagnetic coil voltage output value is close to sine curve, the pulse signal frequency range with size measurement of flow into linear change, the typical range of 10:1, transcribed and 100:1 three kinds of specifications. Electromagnetic coil resistance is generally less than 2000 & Omega; That is greater than the value may be damaged.

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